Monday, December 28, 2015

Mission XP - 28 December 2015 Last email for 2015!

Monday we had a zone activity and most played basketball but all the cool Elders and Sisters played soccer. Winking face  Then we practiced O Holy Night for the Mission's Christmas devotional! 'Twas vedy good...

Tuesday was district meeting. We also taught the new family of investigators we picked up the other week! Other than that it was a lot of walking...and talking to people outside.

Wednesday was the Christmas devotional and our Zone sounded amazing!Thumbs up signClapping hands signOk hand signSmiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes then more walking in the not 75 degree weather.

Thursday we didn't have any appointments but we got to get into a couple houses of less active people who we saw at church on Sunday! And we ate Teriaki Chicken, Pulled Pork, and Teriaki Steak with rice, fruit salad, bread, and something else. It was cooked by a Family from Hawaii. And multiply that by two very full plates.

Friday I got to talk to my family which was awesome! But really short. Only like 40 minutes of the seventeen thousand four hundred and seventy two hours I'll be gone...but it was still greatFace with stuck-out tongue and winking eye
And we also ate a ton of food on Christmas.

Saturday was a blessed day! Rebecka got baptized! She was so excited to finally get baptized! And the spirit was strong and she has a ton of support. The Relief Society room was completely filled plus some.

Sunday was the confirmation of Rebecka. And our family of investigators who are on date for the 30th of January to be baptized where there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we got to...TO BE CONTINUED.......

Elder Kremer

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mission - Extra special email

Dear Kremer Family,

Hi, my name is Keith Call. I am the ward mission leader in the Lone Rock Ward in Draper Utah. I just wanted to let you know how much I love working with Elder Kremer. He has a great sense of humor and never misses the chance to joke with me. He is also a great teacher of the gospel. He recently taught in the home of a part member family in our ward. Our Elders Quorum President was there, and gave a glowing report of what a great job Elder Kremer did. He is truly doing a great work in our ward and stake. We love him. Thank you for sharing him with us!

Here is a picture of Elder Kremer with his last companion, Elder Bell.

Mission - Extras from the Heaton family Christmas Day - Draper and Skyping with him

Here are photos from The Heaton Family in Draper, UT. Sister Heaton said: "They were so much fun to have at the house. Our family nicknamed them Elder Nash and Elder Tonga. they are really funny together.

                                           Photo of Skyping Elder Kremer on Christmas Day

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mission - XP 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas! 
      Miracles are wrought in the Draper Meadows Stake!! This week was literally filled with miracles. We got texted on Sunday about a family of three from Brazil who wanted to be baptized before they went home on the 23rd so we met with them on Monday and taught them almost everyday and on Friday they all got baptized on Friday and confirmed today in Sacrament meeting. On Tuesday we were on splits and I met with a potential investigator, Sister Anderson, and I didn't even teach the full restoration. I got to families then as she asked questions it lead to my experiences with prayer which helped her because she asked how can I tell when I have been answered and she asked a question about families that had been on her mind since she lost her baby at birth and I did not know how to answer it and I could not rely on me because I had never been asked this before and I could not rely on my companion because he was not there and so I just paused, listened,and remembered what Elder Bell taught me about talking slow so I could let the spirit talk through me, and with faith and without thinking my own thoughts I opened my mouth and I heard the words coming out and they were incredibly smooth, they were perfect in a sense. Everything about the answer coming out of my mouth seemed to be affecting her and I knew that it was the Holy Ghost. It was incredible. I've taught with the spirit several times and it's always easier when they ask questions instead of just teaching but I wasn't even teaching with the spirit the spirit was teaching by itself I was literally just the mouth piece. She cried and further explained the reason behind her question and I didn't even know how I answered her or gave her comfort but the Holy Ghost knew exactly what she needed to know and how she needed to hear it. Maybe I was the one on splits at her house because I knew so little about what she would ask that I wouldn't be able to try and answer from what I knew but that I would have to rely completely on the spirit. It was truly an amazing spiritual and testimony building experience for me. Then on Friday evening after the baptism we met with her again and the rest of the family, a part member family. The husband is trying to come back to activity and the kids are also non members and they don't have a religious background or know much if anything about Jesus Christ and have been meeting with the Bishop! They are on date for January!
  I have been learning more how to listen to my investigators and to teach by the spirit in my studies and in teaching opportunities. I can tell the difference when I teach with the spirit and when I teach without it. One I stumble and can't always get what I want out and the other time it's perfect for the investigator. Every time I've been complimented on my teaching it has been one of those times I've had the spirit teaching through me. After having those types of teaching experiences I really dislike when I'm not teaching with the spirit. It helps me try to rely more on the lord.
 Elder Fehoko and I are still getting along great and I feel we are a really strong two-man army of the lord. The members all comment on how they feel we get along together which shows me that we have member trust which is one of the most important things to have to hasten the works in individual stakes.

Love ya mom!

Elder Kremer 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mission XP - 14 December 2015

Sorry I didn't email last week it just completely skipped my mind. 
This week was greatish mostly...except for when it wasn't

Monday we had p-day and we played volleyball!!! It was pretty awesome! We also did other stuff that I've forgotten about.

Tuesday our lesson cancelled...I think it was a good day though.

Wednesday was exchanges. The district leaders companion biked in our area with me. It was pretty fun. We both joke around with members a lot and dinner was awesome. That family we ate with said they didn't really like past missionaries because they were robots kind of and that we were awesome...! Our lesson also cancelled today but we'll have it next Wednesday.

Thursday we went to a baptism in the district leaders' area. James got baptized! He's from China. Elders Kim, Ray, Fehoko, and I all have actually taught him before so it was nice that we all happened to be in his district when he finally got baptized! He is firm in the gospel now! Exchanges ended at 1, then we went to the zone building to meet with the zone to practice a song for the mission Christmas devotional. Three hours later we only had 1 and a half versus down haha..the struggle though... Then a lesson cancelled and we had our first lesson of the week with an investigator we picked up last week who lives with an awesome family! Tsubasa is from Japan! Which is awesome because I gave up on French because nobody in Utah is going to speak French so I'm starting to try and at least learn to teach in Japanese - so as the lesson progressed we started teaching about the area of things I knew in Japanese which wasn't that much because I'd only been at it a week but it was still awesome and I only butchered everything probably but the spirit was there!

Friday weekly planning 😴😵 again... And only one of our three lessons cancelled and it was the same one from earlier. We are helping one of our investigators overcome smoking. This person really wants to and is working so hard to quit and is down to three a day and 11-12 on a stressful day. The goal is 1 a day and 3 on stressful days so please pray and fast with us for Kim.

Saturday someone asked for our help to move them out of their trailer home. We went by 4-5 different times during the day and they weren't out once nor did they answer their door. But oh well. And we had a kind of lesson with a 10 year old boy but the mom was's ok though God's plan is mostly for us crazy people 😱😜 anyway!i!

Sunday was a blast!!! Haha just kidding we went to church for 9 hours again. Actually it was a pretty awesome day and we only went to church for 7 1/2 hours because we went to a baptismal interview for one of our investigators who is getting baptized on the 26th! Annddd...we got a miracle text Sunday but more on that next week when the mystery miracle unfolds.

Love ya,
Elder Kremer 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Mission XP - 30 November 2015

When I got this email I put it up against my back and it did find it better thank you!
Thanksgiving was great, we had the blessing of only one meal but LOTS AND LOTS of pies, all of which were pie flavor...mmmmm

Monday I finally got to go to a district activity and it was nice to run and be out of breath. I started slow because my back was still a little hurt but I was on medicine and then the adrenaline of speed ball made it so I didn't feel the pain until I woke up the next morning but my back is back to being awesome along with the rest of me XD that sounded prideful but it wasn't because I'm really very humble ;)

Tuesday we had a good district meeting. Also, we did some service of raking leaves for our landlords. And our lesson cancelled.

Wednesday only one of our two lessons dropped...  ...that is all...

Thursday we had a zone training meeting to pump us up and keep us going through the slow holidays. It lasted an hour longer than it was supposed to but it was still good.

Friday was weekly planning and we ate lunch...we eat lunch everyday but today it was pretty much the most interesting thing that had happened.

Saturday was our only lesson with an investigator and she had not slept for over 33ish hours. It was crazy but I can't go into it. Our other two lessons cancelled.

Sunday made this week exceptionally spiritual. Sunday I was able to attend two consecutive baptisms in my last area for two 9 year old girls(Amily and Emma). I felt the Holy Ghost very powerfully when Emma was baptized because she has been scared of water and crowds in the past and that stopped her. Tonight we closed the baptismal font doors for her, for ten minutes nothing happened and Elder Christiansen and I were just praying that she wouldn't not get baptized. Then we heard her father's voice and then water and that's when I felt the Holy Ghost really strong. It was amazing. Afterwards, for my ride home, the brother of another person I taught who is getting baptized next month gave me a ride home. I felt prompted to share my experience at the baptisms with him and furthermore share my own personal testimony of experiences I'd had when I felt down or not good enough or nothing was happening...and then I had that uplifting spiritual opportunity to witness someone grow and make his/her first covenant to God. And I shared the blessing that came for both myself and the new convert. He opened up when I was done. I thought that he was getting ready to go on a mission, he was getting worthy so he could, and so he could baptize his sister so I thought he wanted to go on a mission. He expressed to me his concerns that I'm sure many missionaries feel before their missions. He said, "I thought that I was going to go on a mission for two years. Pretty much like my junior and senior year time frame, and go and not really have much success and have nothing really happen. But now I want to go a lot more." I was so excited for him when he said that and I was so grateful that I listened and acted on the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
  I've been studying my patriarchal blessing and I did finally receive some of what I needed to receive. And it truly is amazing the series of events that Heavenly Father has put me through thus far to receive what I got out of it now. Two key things that I've expanded on in my journal is "full purpose of heart" which stuck out to me in ways that haven't before, and the blessings that come from that, one of which was interesting to me because I hadn't thought about it at all since I got called English speaking but it was the blessing to speak in a foreign language so that, if I had a full purpose in heart as I am on my mission, I will be able to share my testimony to others in their native tongue and that it would affect them in ways that otherwise would not have been as powerful to them. So I personally went through what I had in my mind and heart that I hadn't completely left at home and I think I've finally forgotten myself which has been a long hard process, and during lunch and before studies I've taken to learning how to teach the lessons and testify in a couple other languages because I know it may be a promise but I still have to put forth effort and now that I understand what it means more I now feel it a responsibility so I don't miss the person or people that it was intended for.

Can't wait till Christmas!

Elder Kremer 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mission XP - 23 November 2015 Thanksgiving week

This week was painful but also good. 

Monday I played piano almost all day, I'm trying to write a classical
piece. We also played pool and pinball! 

Tuesday was district meeting and it almost lasted three hours instead of the regular two hours...we also taught and 8 year old who got baptized Saturday! He's a cool kid. And we taught a man who isn't a member but was a member and wants to be a member again. We taught him
tithing.  I'm very excited that he is working so diligently to come back. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went into the District Leader's area with the District Leader. It was good. We taught James again in the morning. I taught him last time I went on exchanges there. He's from China. His heart is soaring and he is trying so hard to learn and
believe in God. He is amazing. 
Thursday was actually when we had the lesson with James I just didn't have anything to put for Wednesday and now I'm filling my Thursday space with explaining that ;) We also ended exchanges. 
Friday I hurt my back doing curls...and we didn't get out of the house till three. We had one of the two lessons scheduled with less actives. 
Saturday I went to Insta care because I couldn't twist or bend forward. My spine is fine. They prescribed a muscle relaxer to me. We also had two lessons with investigators that were cancelled. Then for both of them at the last minute we were able to have them!!! Miracles! 

Sunday church from 8-5. I didn't talk and I didn't do much. I think the members thought I was mad but I had a headache and I could move my head to a comfortable position because it caused pain to my back. I was also tired because my new medication makes me sleepy...but I
couldn't bend my head forward to sleep because my back would hurt to much. I'm laughing now because it was a circle of pain but I was not laughing yesterday. Then we had dinner with less actives who came to church also! They want us to teach them but we can only come over and
teach them if they feed us... #first world problems 
So it was a great week. We didn't find new investigators but we had some great lessons with investigators and less actives. We have a lesson today with a potential investigator so pray that all goes well. 

Love ya mom! 
Elder Kremer

Monday, November 16, 2015

Mission XP - 16 November 2015

It was great to hear about that sister being able to get a new liver. I was just sharing a message about service last night and I shared the Mormon message of the little girl who almost died because she needed a new liver and because of everyone around them loving and serving them she was able to receive the perfect liver from a donor and lived.

This week was good, then better, then awesome!

Monday was actually pretty busy. We missed zone activity because so much stuff went wrong. It's funny to look back at now, it always is when something goes horribly wrong. We went to our stake center so Elder Bell could send off some voice recordings. The computer wouldn't work so then we went to the library. After that we went to lunch which was delicious. Then the small Walmart to get Elder Bell medicine which wasn't in stock so they said come by Wednesday which we can't and so Elder Bell was starting to get a little stressed. Finally they said we could get it at the big Walmart at 3:20 which was in the middle of the zone activity. Then we went to the big Walmart to shop then to the post office. We didn't have the address to where we needed to ship off a package so we had to go home, get the address, go back to the post office, wait in line, talk to an Indian, then by that time it was 3:10. We went to Walmart, waited.....waited some more.....and some more.....then we got the medicine!YAY! Got home and it was about 3:50. And all this without a car. Well our ride had a car but it was finding the different rides throughout the day. Ahh hecticness. And we just relaxed for the last two hours.

Tuesday we had district meeting which was Bueno except for it ran a half and hour late so we had to push everything back. Then we knocked...all day seriously - no one was home.

Wednesday was awesome! We went to a meeting from 12:00-7:00 with an area  70. We got the knowledge bomb dropped on us of the importance of the book Book of Mormon and how to help people understand it the best.

Thursday we ate dinner with a member and her daughter whom we are teaching then taught her. It was an okay lesson. She went from her baptism being in December to sometime in January maybe. So we talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon then praying for specific things and answers. Then we had a lesson with our eternigator "eternal investigator" who goes to church and defends the church and loves the church but feels the Book of Mormon is pretty much the Bible because it has the same stuff in different story form and it has a little bit more. He doesn't realize that that's because the gospel doesn't change just because it's in another part of the world likewise Jesus Christ taught his despisers and the people in the New Testament then died, then appeared to those in the Book of Mormon...why would he teach them anything different? Hopefully he will soon understand that.

Friday was weekly planning then another day of no set appointments but lots of going to people.

Saturday we had two lessons both with investigators! They went good... We are working with them. Also we had Stake Conference which was amazing.

Sunday was also Stake Conference and all the talks were very inspired. Jesse Sullivan, a return missionary, talked about service! And ways we ALL can serve in different stakes. It was very good.

Which brings us back in to doe Ray me fa so la tea doe(a.k.a Monday)

Love you mom!

Elder Kremer 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Mission XP - 9 November 2015

This was a pretty good week. Slow...but awesome.

Monday was preparation day and our district went bowling but my companion and I stayed home and played pool and pinball! One of the perks of our new home. I played pool with my landlord too and that was a lot of fun. We also went shopping with a different district's M.L.S couple the Mathews. They are awesome and they always take us shopping and out to eat on Mondays because we are the only missionaries without a car in our district.

Tuesday we had a three hour zone meeting which is about as much fun as it sounds :) it was a great training though. Our monthly mission training plan is to help get our investigators to pray and understand prayer - it is very good. We had two appointments. The 8 year old one only lasted ten minutes because the mom had to leave early. And the L.A one...didn't happen but it was a good night nontheless.

Wednesday we had exchanges which for our mission is only five to ten minutes away haha. I went with the district leader's companion into his area and it was a great exchange but I was a bit more immature than I usually am because I was away from my companion whom I love but it's
all like serious up in here Winking face it was a good break but im good without anymore.

Thursday morning we were still on exchanges and we had a lesson at 9:30 with a guy from China. It was a great lesson we went over the baptismal questions and he is pretty solid he just doesn't want to commit to paying tithing because when he goes back to China he isn't sure his family will allow him. It's a legit reason if you understand the Chinese culture.

Friday was slowwww as usual. Weekly planning then call-ins usually make it so we don't get out till 3:30ish. But we did have two L.A lessons that happened and were awesome except for during the last one I was in the bathroom for a bit beginning my fun days of sickness.
Went home went to bed.

Saturday.....didn't wake up till 2:00 p.m. then went on a split at 5:00-8:00 so my companion could work and I could sleep.

Sunday was Sunday. Meeting at 7:00 a.m. church from 9:00-4:00 which in a couple of weeks for this stake we will have a meeting at 6:00 and church from 8:00-5:00! Our lesson with our new investigator fell through because he was so tired from helping our old investigator get ready to move both of whom are awesome. I have loads of respect for Mark, the new investigator. He is great and he served in I believe the Army. He gave me grief the first time he saw me because I was wearing a pink tie. Then he gave me grief for my glasses. He was just messing around so because I new we were going to see him yesterday I wore my pink rose tie Face savoring delicious food just for him.

And thus begins another Monday.

I love you mom

Elder Kremer

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mission XP - 2 November 2015

My new companion has been out 17 months. He is from New Mexico.  
Nothing really exciting happened this week. I crashed my bike so that was fun. I'm actually glad I didn't break anything because I completely flipped. The bike is fine. I haven't found any scratches. We were riding down the road and I came across a  ....... Railed one way only. And it was dark and I saw it with my light but I didn't see that it was only railed one way. So I rode on and said oh shoot, my wheel went literally half way in and I flipped off my bike onto my back. Thank goodness for helmets. Yeah so that was fun. I also got asked how long I'd been out and I said 13 years then realizing that sounded just a little long said 13 months. We found a new solid potential investigator last night! For a different set of missionaries haha...I'm not really laughing. But yeah that's my week, love you!

Elder Kremer 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Mission XP - 26 October 2015

Oh I love love love the Embley's! I was sad when I had to leave them. They are so amazing and have such great attitudes and spirit about them. I haven't gotten your letter yet but I'm sure I'll get it tomorrow.  I've left both my last areas right before they had a Stake Conference in which President Chambers, my Mission President, would have spoken at which makes me kind of sad. 

Ahh everyone is going to college what's up with that? How is bowling going? Have y'all had any games recently?  I want to see everyone when I get home.

Tuesday was transfers, it was also the first transfer I wasn't already packed and ready to leave which naturally meant that I got transferred out of Founders Park :(   
...I was in founders park for 81/2 months. But now I'm in Draper Meadows Stake. I'll get used to it. I already love the people so that's a good start. Thursday was very awesome and spiritual, but first. I've been learning a lot from Elder Bell. Not entirely in knowledge but in how a missionary should be. Thursday night we had a lesson with Rebecca and Samantha. We had originally prepared to teach about priesthood and auxiliary leaders but as we began the lesson and followed up with previous commitments Elder Bell followed the Holy Ghost to the T, and we taught on prayer and listening for answers, then we had her pray to receive an answer of if she should be baptized and when. After she prayed we sat there listening when she finally expressed to us that she was told to be baptized in December. Elder Bell asked further if she had received and instruction on a specific date, with her response being...yes, on the 15th or 16th. It was such an amazing experience. 
The other uplifting spiritual experience occurred later that evening. We had stopped by Gary. He is an investigator who is very solid in his testimony of the gospel and whom Elder Bell loves very much. Recently Gary has been going through some difficult times and we have not been able to contact him(oh and I only just got transferred here a week ago) and Elder Bell has been very worried about him. Well, we stopped by his house Thursday night and knocked twice. We knew that he was there and a lady had been sitting in the front room, however , there was no response. As we were leaving I kept getting this feeling like we should try again in case he didn't hear us and at the time I didn't recognize that it was the holy ghost until Elder Bell asked me if it was a prompting and I said I thought it was. As we headed back to the door we saw him through the window and waved. He came to the door and greeted us and we talked for a bit. He is very nice but he's moving soon. I honestly think we were able to talk to him so my companion could have that stress removed and so he could say by.

All in all it was a great week and I'm very excited for this area! 

I love you mom! Have an exciting week.

Elder Kremer 

Mission Information from Senior Couple Founders Park Utah Stake - 23 October 2015

This sweet Senior Sister sent this to us last week when Elder Kremer was transferred. I'm sure she calls all the Missionaries her favorites she email their families but it sure did warm my heart to hear that from her.

Hello Sister Kremer and Kremer Family,  Our favorite missionary, your son, Elder Kremer was transferred this week.  He has been in Founders Park Stake for most of his mission.  Everyone is missing him already and he was only transferred two days ago.  Elder Kremer is now in the Draper Stake serving with Elder Bell.  His companion here in Founders Park Stake, Elder Gardner, is now training a new missionary, who is also from Tennessee, Elder Christiansen.  I am attaching below, pictures of Elder Kremer and his new companion with their landlords and one of Elder Kremer with us, Elder and Sister Embley.  Have a wonderful day!

Kindest regards, 
Sister Embley

My response to her was:

Thank  you for the photos. My husband was a little concerned whether Elder Kremer's haircut is a legal cut for a missionary, but we did enjoy seeing him.

Charlene Kremer

She wrote me back:

Hello, Again, Sister Kremer,

Elder Kremer’s hair looks pretty short (very short) on the sides in the pictures.  I think perhaps his blond hair just doesn’t show much because he is in the sun.  He does like to comb his hair up on the top, but I know it is longer than it looks.  Elder Embley and I asked Elder Gardner (Elder Kremer’s last companion) if Elder Kremer’s hair is “a legal cut for a missionary” as you asked in your note.  Elder Gardner says it definitely is okay for a missionary, and that Elder Kremer does like to “slick his hair up”.

Sister Embley 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mission XP - 19 October 2015

It's great to hear about daisy and that she'll soon have pups! I saw one of my favorite family's (the Hermansons') daughters from Glenmoor at the sizzler the other night when one of my favorite family's (the Riches) from Founders Park took me out to dinner because I'm probably leaving tommorow. It was filled with mixed emotions. I don't want to leave but my companion is going to be training and I've been hear 8 ish months so I'm probably gone. Sister Hermanson responded to an email I sent them last week and she said, "Let us know how transfers went.  One of our Elders leaves this Wednesday to go home so maybe....  haha  We can only wish!" Haha!

This week was pretty darn amazing. It was filled with many a miracles. One of my favorites was that we kept getting small thoughts and inspirations to go certain places at the end of the day several different days and we ended up bumping into a lady named Rabecca every single time. It was so cool this last time it happened we had 7 minutes left and we saw the steeple of our church building and I said I think we need to go to the church building elder. But we realized there wouldn't be anyone there at the time we went, it was 8:53, but we went anyway because I wasn't sure if it was just my thoughts or a prompting and we acted and we bumped into Rabecca who was also out walking and we talked to her. We didn't even make it to the church building because we Werner supposed to go there. I very much feel like 1. We were being guided in the DIRECTION we need to head towards and 2. This was a small test. We were guided somewhere that there was clearly going to be no one at so we could have easily thought oh there won't be anyone there so let's go home or somewhere else but we don't know nor can we ever see the whole picture. What a blessing it was that we acted on that prompting because if we hadn't we wouldn't have set up the appointment for his week in which we taught lesson one and picked her up as an investigator. She went to church too. She asked us what time it was before we could even invite her it was awesome!
The biggest thing I learned in studies this week was in preach my gospel "what is my purpose as a missionary?" And the revelation I got was just crazy important for me because I understand that the atonement is important. I've felt it play a huge and very sacred role in my life that I will not easily forget. However, even as I've read the scriptures finding thing relevant to the Atonement of Jesus Christ I feel I became a bit prideful or arrogant in not understanding WHY I was reading about the atonement in every personal study (something we've been asked to do by our mission president) when I came across this amazingly beautifully said passage that I the sole purpose of why I'm here anyway, "As your understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase. You will feel, as Lehi did, the “great … importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth” I don't know why it stuck out so big to me but it makes sense. My desire and the importance of sharing this message to EVERYONE we see and meet will only grow if I more fully and personally understand the atonement. 
Lastly a non member offered us a ride home tonight. He lives in our area, never met him before but very very nice. As we talked we eventually began to talk about his friends then family and before we left we were prompted to ask him if there was anything we could do for him. He asked us if we could keep 
and Amiia 
In our prayers. Would you mind keeping them in your prayers. Health and comfort mainly. Thank you
Love you mom!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mission XP - 12 October 2015

Hey mom,
This week went alright. The beginning of it we taught our new
investigator Hayden on Tuesday. Then Wednesday we taught Pedro, our
recent convert. I was down on Friday and Saturday but Elder Gardner
went on splits and he got three potential investigator lesson set up
for next week! How exciting is that. Even though I was down we still
worked hard and through that Heavenly Father blessed us and those
ready to accept the gospel. What if I was sick and we both just
decided to stay home. That would be quite a few souls not being extended
the invitation to hear about the gospel. Yet another reason I love
Elder Gardner. He doesn't find excuses not to work. On the contrary, he
finds every excuse to work. I love it. I need to adopt more of that
missionary mindset. Not to say I don't try to work, I just haven't
quite reached the level he's at. Anyway so our week was great. Along
with studying the atonement I've picked up reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. I
tried when I first came out but I wasn't ready for it. haha but now
I'm trying again. My goal was to finish it before the end of my mission but now
my goal is to just fully understand what I read to the best of my

Love you

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mission XP - 5 October 2015

My favorites were Elder Holland's and President Uctchdorf's first talk. I don't remember
Walt. Sorry. How is Kristina doing?
This week was awesome! Jessica took her first huge step of faith, which she was very much already prepared for, by being baptized this last Friday. I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling and I kept hugging Brother Lopez, who also was very excited. I don't have words to describe the feelings and emotions I had Friday night at Jessica's baptism, but exceeding joy seems to be the closest fit. I have felt the spirit this strong at two other baptisms. Triston and Lauren. But wow,
how every experience I am able to have of witnessing another person being able to make these sacred covenants fills my heart with such joy and an overwhelming sensation of the spirit further testifies to me of this great and marvelous work. How can the gospel we have and the church that has been established not be true when the Holy Ghost himself testifies so boldly and so strong when another comes back to the fold of our loving shepherd. This actually kind of ties in with my studies this week which were focused on being bold and opening my mouth to testify to people. You's actually not as hard as we make it seem. I don't know how many times I've been told,"why be afraid of talking to people about the gospel they see your a missionary, they know what you are planning on talking to them about" but it really didn't hit me until I heard it this last time at zone conference or right after. They do know what we want to talk to them about why am I so scared. And while the responses may be the same and their are still those uninterested people I am now working towards being the best missionary I can be by literally
talking to everyone about the gospel. The first evening my companion and I did this we saw an immediate miracle of having the opportunity to stop by this members house where a less active nephew lived. If we had not talked what opportunities we would miss out on. I don't like knowing their are miracles out their I'm missing out on sharing but I like it a lot less knowing that I've missed some of those miracles and I didn't have to because all I had to do was...well my calling.

I'm trying my hardest to apply the things I've learned, and if you could keep me in your prayers and ask for me to be given strength and a good bit of courage as I talk to everyone I see so the fear may be gone, I'd very much appreciate it.

I love you very much.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mission XP - 28 September 2015

I did get the package thanks for the hi chews and the card. Ha the card reminded me of the Thanksgiving card I gave Andrea Ashbaker, Ethan, and his brother a year ago. So that was awesome. 

So Jessica Rivero's baptism got moved again from General Conference Sunday to the Friday before! She keeps talking about baptism and the best part is that she got up and shared her testimony this Sunday! It was the most amazing thing I've witnessed yet. How lucky am I to be a part of teaching someone with the spirituality of this magnitude. During splits Elder Gardner found two solid sounding potential investigators and we are going to contact them this week. 

Studies have gone good. I haven't learned anything that particularly stood out to me. I just had the normal reminders of things we should include in every lesson. I wish we just had time every morning to review every lesson because it always feels like everytime I finally finished reviewing the lessons throughout a period of every week to two weeks I need yet another review. Haha it's a vicious cycle that must continue I suppose even after the mission.

The week went great, like I said we went on splits with the Ward mission leaders. Two on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and we are working on getting the other five out weekly with us. I've seen a couple miracles already which is one of the reasons I tried really hard to start it going in Founders Park. My vision is by the end of the year we go out with every Ward Mission leader weekly and we've found at least one investigator to get baptized in each Ward which sounds reasonable to me. And we are getting there. 1 investigator in the 3rd Ward on date. 2 potentials in 7th, 1 potential in 3rd, 1 potential in 11th. The work is hastening and it only makes me more and more excited. I used to try and keep my excitement down when I talked to the Ward mission leaders because when I get really excited about something I talk really fast. But I've uncontrolably done it at least two or three times now and a couple of the Ward mission leaders have said they enjoy the enthusiasm and excitement I have and expressing it and honestly I get excited off of them getting excited about how much I get excited. If that makes sense.

I love you mom!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mission XP - 21 September 2015

I freaking love Elder Holland. We saw a primary program practice and that
brought back memories of when I was younger. There was also that
one kid who screamed the song instead of loudly singing it haha. So
update, I've written a 6-7 minute piano arrangement that I've actually
gotten several compliments from. After a Ward dinner after church one
Sunday, during our dinner break, we decided to stay at the church and
play piano because we had a lesson in that area later and it would
have been pointless going home. Anyway I started playing my song that
you haven't heard yet and a couple minutes into it my companion comes
in the room and says,"you know there's a lot of kids grouping around
the doors right?" So I looked up and saw all these faces and I guess
to them that meant oh come in and surround the piano so I can play
with 20 people listening. It was super nerve racking, very scary, but
also pretty darn awesome! But hey now I can play for a large group of
people and not get so scared I mess up. I can also now play glorious
almost the whole way without looking Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes

Studies went great this week. Elder Gardner and I worked very hard on
going through all the lessons to see how we taught and then teaching
them together to practice our unity which I feel is coming along
great. It obviously still needs plenty of work but it has progressed.

We went on three splits with Ward mission leaders which was honestly
not that great of a start but that will get very good within the next
two or three weeks. A couple of the Ward mission leaders have
mentioned rumor of a couple non-members who may be interested that we
did not know of before and two that have recently been attending their
SACRAMENT meetings. So many Miracles are wrought in Founders Park as
the members understand their purpose more fully.

I have enjoyed Elder Gardener's companionship thus far and am very
enthusiastic about how exactly obedient I have become with him as my
companion. That is not to say my previous companions were not obedient
because they were. Elder Gardner just shows it more passionately.
We have been working with Jessica more this last week and she has
moved her date from the 8th of October to the 3rd. She loves what she
learns and is excited about the church which just lifts my spirit
10-fold. And hearing her testimony of what she knows now and
understands brings in the spirit so strongly. It truly is joyful to
see God's lost sheep coming back to His fold.

I love you mom! I can't wait to hug you when I see you again

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mission XP - 14 September 2015

I miss bowling. We almost played it a couple months ago but there were already missionaries there so we couldn't play.
This week was awesome!!! Yesterday we went on splits to church and the Ward mission leader of the 3rd Ward introduced me to a potential investigator and we had a lesson, it was the first time I taught the restoration by myself and then I put her on date which was just awesome and afterwards Brother Lopez said he loved how I taught so that was nice to hear. I think I'm not that great of a teacher most of the time. Then....we had another lesson with a potential investigator and she is only kind of interested but she did say she would listen to us again and she said she would read and pray soo only miracles can happen.
Studies have been really helpful this week. I've been reading hardcore on recognizing the spirit, on teaching by the spirit. And I have actually been able to feel it a lot more or at least recognize and act more on it.
This is going to be an awesome transfer because we have organized real time correlation with every Ward mission leader we have and they are all very excited for us to work with them in there areas!
I'm super excited. This area is going to get soo busy.
I love you mom

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mission XP - 7 September 2015

This week went amazing. We've been able to work a lot with the Embly's (our mission leader support couple) in the evening two or three times a week.  Since we've been doing that I feel like we are actually working as a better missionary team. The Embly's are doing so amazing with meeting people and making people feel comfortable and teaching in general. They're on the ball. Studies have been going well. This last week and for the last 12 weeks we reviewed chapter 4 working with members and auxiliaries better which is what we've been working at already.
I think the biggest thing this week is just that we've been able to talk to a few more people than the last couple weeks. We haven't seen anything from it yet but ve vill see...
Anyway I'm sad to see Elder Branen go, I keep getting all these awesome companions that have to go home because their mission is ending, but I've learned a lot from him and I'll always keep that with me. He is an amazing Elder. He reminds me of Elder Dresen in the way he teaches and gives blessings and you can just feel the love and that he just cares about you.
I got transfer calls today! I'm staying in Founders Park!!!! Whoooo! We just started enforcing so much stuff like real time correlation it's going to be awesome so I was hoping that I would stay to start it off, then I could leave you know?.. 
Anyway so that's the fun stuff that's been happening for me.

I love you mom, have a great week. Keep a smile on your face Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes

                                                    Photos Elder Kremer sent today.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Mission XP - 31 August 2015

Hey everyone,

Super fast week. I honestly don't remember most of what happened. We taught all our investigators this week. They are going to be on date soon which is awesome! Transfers are in a week and I'm definitely getting a new companion because this one is going home. I don't, however, know if I'm staying in Founders Park I've been here for 7 & 1/2 months sooo.....
Anyway we should be picking up a new investigator in a couple days if all goes as planned.
We've been meeting with an awesome non-member family but they aren't all entirely interested in the gospel yet but they are coming along. 

I love you all very much. Have an awesome week! 

Elder Kremer and his companion doing service.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mission XP - 23 August 2015

Hey mom! That was exciting to hear about your experience in Nauvoo.

Everything is awesome! So the best thing that happened last week actually happened yesterday and it was that a family, who are non-members (not members of the church), called us over to visit with them. 
We shared a story lesson with them and played piano for them. They loved it. I love them
so much. I've been trying to show them that we are normal people and lovingly befriend and teach them and now it's finally happening which is soo nice.
I learned in studies mostly that more things relate to the atonement that I before realized. Because I'm not marking where it just says or mentions atonement, I'm marking anything that has to do with any part of the atonement. It has very much enlightened me.
Sunday we got three very strong referals we are going to contact this week.

I'll have been in founders park for 7 1/2 months and I think/ hope I
stay just because so much work is going on. So many solid people I
don't want to leave.

I love you all very much

Monday, August 17, 2015

Missin XP - 17 August 2015

Hey it's been great! I'll write more next week sorry, busy today and my p-day is getting cut short?
This week was great. We got to teach almost all of our investigators we've been working with and we are going to be meeting with him tommorow! We also are meeting with a nonmember family Sunday which I am very much looking forward to! Exchanges were pretty good with elder Montgomery. I need to practice more or at least be more bold in oyming but I did lead, for the most part, and mostly teach both lessons we had and they were both in his area. I found I'm getting a lot better with teaching so I'm happy because that's what I've been working on in personal study too this week is in preach my gospel I've been going over the chapters that will help me with that. Anyway, last week was great and I'm looking forward to this week.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mission XP - 10 August 2015

This week was fantastic. We picked up another investigator and had two lessons with her and we had a lesson with our two other investigators. The third one is really busy because he is about to go home to California so we haven't had a lesson with him for a week but we are trying to schedule one. We were able to do service a couple times this week...hoorah. I fricken love doing service for people its when I feel most that I'm literally doing everything at a certain time for someone else. Absolutely nothing is for me so I cherish those moments the few times we get them.
Studies have been helpful for me. Mainly I've been studying member trust because that's what's been helping us the most. And also I've been reading in the Book of Mormon. 
We spent a couple hours at a potential investigators house last night and the Sunday before that because we are just trying to be friends with hem and they are awesome. Last Sunday the mom played piano then I did then I did a couple card tricks and then we talked about poligamy so that was fun. We walked around a lot trying to contact auxiliary leaders but everyone is gone until like 6 sooo it's boring in the mornings. But our investigators are awesome especially Andrew. 

Anyway, I miss you all loads. Have a great week. Love you

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mission XP - 3 August 2015

Wow! This week has been awesome. More so than usual. Miracles and awesome stuff happening all around. So transfers happened. I was praying that I would stay because all the work that has been happening recently however - I was all packed up and ready to go just in case I was transferred. I stayed. Elder Branen is my new companion and what an awesome one he is. I really think the transfer was perfect because we had a lesson with our investigator and it was one of the most spiritual and personal lessons I've ever been in. I love him to death. He just hadn't been progressing much at all. But during our lesson on Wednesday the spirit just overwhelmed me to the point of which I was balling my eyes out uncontrollably and I pretty much just said in short version that he has had amazing experiences, he is an amazing guy, he has felt the spirit, and he wants the church to be true, and I said that I just didn't understand why he hadn't prayed yet about baptism and then elder Branen testified to that and shared an incredible experience that was perfect to our investigator's needs and it was perfect and our investigator expressed his concern..his actual concern and we resolved it and he said that he wanted to read more for himself and he felt the spirit and I know he's so close and I'm so excited right now. 
We also picked up a new investigator on Saturday and we went to church Sunday with him. He is shy but wants to be baptized and I feel like we will be able to get him to be more comfortable with us next meeting. We also set up an appointment for this week with a solid potential investigator. We also got, what I feel is, a solid referal so we are going by them this week.
In coorelation last week I felt really prompted to pray and to find focus families for all 11 wards - for us to focus on so that we will be able to: 1. Gain the trust of EVERY Ward mission leader and 2. Be able to equaly focus on every Ward and I can already see the growth and improvement. 
So amazing week. An amazing companion. An amazing area