Monday, November 30, 2015

Mission XP - 30 November 2015

When I got this email I put it up against my back and it did find it better thank you!
Thanksgiving was great, we had the blessing of only one meal but LOTS AND LOTS of pies, all of which were pie flavor...mmmmm

Monday I finally got to go to a district activity and it was nice to run and be out of breath. I started slow because my back was still a little hurt but I was on medicine and then the adrenaline of speed ball made it so I didn't feel the pain until I woke up the next morning but my back is back to being awesome along with the rest of me XD that sounded prideful but it wasn't because I'm really very humble ;)

Tuesday we had a good district meeting. Also, we did some service of raking leaves for our landlords. And our lesson cancelled.

Wednesday only one of our two lessons dropped...  ...that is all...

Thursday we had a zone training meeting to pump us up and keep us going through the slow holidays. It lasted an hour longer than it was supposed to but it was still good.

Friday was weekly planning and we ate lunch...we eat lunch everyday but today it was pretty much the most interesting thing that had happened.

Saturday was our only lesson with an investigator and she had not slept for over 33ish hours. It was crazy but I can't go into it. Our other two lessons cancelled.

Sunday made this week exceptionally spiritual. Sunday I was able to attend two consecutive baptisms in my last area for two 9 year old girls(Amily and Emma). I felt the Holy Ghost very powerfully when Emma was baptized because she has been scared of water and crowds in the past and that stopped her. Tonight we closed the baptismal font doors for her, for ten minutes nothing happened and Elder Christiansen and I were just praying that she wouldn't not get baptized. Then we heard her father's voice and then water and that's when I felt the Holy Ghost really strong. It was amazing. Afterwards, for my ride home, the brother of another person I taught who is getting baptized next month gave me a ride home. I felt prompted to share my experience at the baptisms with him and furthermore share my own personal testimony of experiences I'd had when I felt down or not good enough or nothing was happening...and then I had that uplifting spiritual opportunity to witness someone grow and make his/her first covenant to God. And I shared the blessing that came for both myself and the new convert. He opened up when I was done. I thought that he was getting ready to go on a mission, he was getting worthy so he could, and so he could baptize his sister so I thought he wanted to go on a mission. He expressed to me his concerns that I'm sure many missionaries feel before their missions. He said, "I thought that I was going to go on a mission for two years. Pretty much like my junior and senior year time frame, and go and not really have much success and have nothing really happen. But now I want to go a lot more." I was so excited for him when he said that and I was so grateful that I listened and acted on the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
  I've been studying my patriarchal blessing and I did finally receive some of what I needed to receive. And it truly is amazing the series of events that Heavenly Father has put me through thus far to receive what I got out of it now. Two key things that I've expanded on in my journal is "full purpose of heart" which stuck out to me in ways that haven't before, and the blessings that come from that, one of which was interesting to me because I hadn't thought about it at all since I got called English speaking but it was the blessing to speak in a foreign language so that, if I had a full purpose in heart as I am on my mission, I will be able to share my testimony to others in their native tongue and that it would affect them in ways that otherwise would not have been as powerful to them. So I personally went through what I had in my mind and heart that I hadn't completely left at home and I think I've finally forgotten myself which has been a long hard process, and during lunch and before studies I've taken to learning how to teach the lessons and testify in a couple other languages because I know it may be a promise but I still have to put forth effort and now that I understand what it means more I now feel it a responsibility so I don't miss the person or people that it was intended for.

Can't wait till Christmas!

Elder Kremer 

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