Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mission - XP 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas! 
      Miracles are wrought in the Draper Meadows Stake!! This week was literally filled with miracles. We got texted on Sunday about a family of three from Brazil who wanted to be baptized before they went home on the 23rd so we met with them on Monday and taught them almost everyday and on Friday they all got baptized on Friday and confirmed today in Sacrament meeting. On Tuesday we were on splits and I met with a potential investigator, Sister Anderson, and I didn't even teach the full restoration. I got to families then as she asked questions it lead to my experiences with prayer which helped her because she asked how can I tell when I have been answered and she asked a question about families that had been on her mind since she lost her baby at birth and I did not know how to answer it and I could not rely on me because I had never been asked this before and I could not rely on my companion because he was not there and so I just paused, listened,and remembered what Elder Bell taught me about talking slow so I could let the spirit talk through me, and with faith and without thinking my own thoughts I opened my mouth and I heard the words coming out and they were incredibly smooth, they were perfect in a sense. Everything about the answer coming out of my mouth seemed to be affecting her and I knew that it was the Holy Ghost. It was incredible. I've taught with the spirit several times and it's always easier when they ask questions instead of just teaching but I wasn't even teaching with the spirit the spirit was teaching by itself I was literally just the mouth piece. She cried and further explained the reason behind her question and I didn't even know how I answered her or gave her comfort but the Holy Ghost knew exactly what she needed to know and how she needed to hear it. Maybe I was the one on splits at her house because I knew so little about what she would ask that I wouldn't be able to try and answer from what I knew but that I would have to rely completely on the spirit. It was truly an amazing spiritual and testimony building experience for me. Then on Friday evening after the baptism we met with her again and the rest of the family, a part member family. The husband is trying to come back to activity and the kids are also non members and they don't have a religious background or know much if anything about Jesus Christ and have been meeting with the Bishop! They are on date for January!
  I have been learning more how to listen to my investigators and to teach by the spirit in my studies and in teaching opportunities. I can tell the difference when I teach with the spirit and when I teach without it. One I stumble and can't always get what I want out and the other time it's perfect for the investigator. Every time I've been complimented on my teaching it has been one of those times I've had the spirit teaching through me. After having those types of teaching experiences I really dislike when I'm not teaching with the spirit. It helps me try to rely more on the lord.
 Elder Fehoko and I are still getting along great and I feel we are a really strong two-man army of the lord. The members all comment on how they feel we get along together which shows me that we have member trust which is one of the most important things to have to hasten the works in individual stakes.

Love ya mom!

Elder Kremer 

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