Monday, November 16, 2015

Mission XP - 16 November 2015

It was great to hear about that sister being able to get a new liver. I was just sharing a message about service last night and I shared the Mormon message of the little girl who almost died because she needed a new liver and because of everyone around them loving and serving them she was able to receive the perfect liver from a donor and lived.

This week was good, then better, then awesome!

Monday was actually pretty busy. We missed zone activity because so much stuff went wrong. It's funny to look back at now, it always is when something goes horribly wrong. We went to our stake center so Elder Bell could send off some voice recordings. The computer wouldn't work so then we went to the library. After that we went to lunch which was delicious. Then the small Walmart to get Elder Bell medicine which wasn't in stock so they said come by Wednesday which we can't and so Elder Bell was starting to get a little stressed. Finally they said we could get it at the big Walmart at 3:20 which was in the middle of the zone activity. Then we went to the big Walmart to shop then to the post office. We didn't have the address to where we needed to ship off a package so we had to go home, get the address, go back to the post office, wait in line, talk to an Indian, then by that time it was 3:10. We went to Walmart, waited.....waited some more.....and some more.....then we got the medicine!YAY! Got home and it was about 3:50. And all this without a car. Well our ride had a car but it was finding the different rides throughout the day. Ahh hecticness. And we just relaxed for the last two hours.

Tuesday we had district meeting which was Bueno except for it ran a half and hour late so we had to push everything back. Then we knocked...all day seriously - no one was home.

Wednesday was awesome! We went to a meeting from 12:00-7:00 with an area  70. We got the knowledge bomb dropped on us of the importance of the book Book of Mormon and how to help people understand it the best.

Thursday we ate dinner with a member and her daughter whom we are teaching then taught her. It was an okay lesson. She went from her baptism being in December to sometime in January maybe. So we talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon then praying for specific things and answers. Then we had a lesson with our eternigator "eternal investigator" who goes to church and defends the church and loves the church but feels the Book of Mormon is pretty much the Bible because it has the same stuff in different story form and it has a little bit more. He doesn't realize that that's because the gospel doesn't change just because it's in another part of the world likewise Jesus Christ taught his despisers and the people in the New Testament then died, then appeared to those in the Book of Mormon...why would he teach them anything different? Hopefully he will soon understand that.

Friday was weekly planning then another day of no set appointments but lots of going to people.

Saturday we had two lessons both with investigators! They went good... We are working with them. Also we had Stake Conference which was amazing.

Sunday was also Stake Conference and all the talks were very inspired. Jesse Sullivan, a return missionary, talked about service! And ways we ALL can serve in different stakes. It was very good.

Which brings us back in to doe Ray me fa so la tea doe(a.k.a Monday)

Love you mom!

Elder Kremer 

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