Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mission XP - 23 August 2015

Hey mom! That was exciting to hear about your experience in Nauvoo.

Everything is awesome! So the best thing that happened last week actually happened yesterday and it was that a family, who are non-members (not members of the church), called us over to visit with them. 
We shared a story lesson with them and played piano for them. They loved it. I love them
so much. I've been trying to show them that we are normal people and lovingly befriend and teach them and now it's finally happening which is soo nice.
I learned in studies mostly that more things relate to the atonement that I before realized. Because I'm not marking where it just says or mentions atonement, I'm marking anything that has to do with any part of the atonement. It has very much enlightened me.
Sunday we got three very strong referals we are going to contact this week.

I'll have been in founders park for 7 1/2 months and I think/ hope I
stay just because so much work is going on. So many solid people I
don't want to leave.

I love you all very much

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