Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mission XP - 21 September 2015

I freaking love Elder Holland. We saw a primary program practice and that
brought back memories of when I was younger. There was also that
one kid who screamed the song instead of loudly singing it haha. So
update, I've written a 6-7 minute piano arrangement that I've actually
gotten several compliments from. After a Ward dinner after church one
Sunday, during our dinner break, we decided to stay at the church and
play piano because we had a lesson in that area later and it would
have been pointless going home. Anyway I started playing my song that
you haven't heard yet and a couple minutes into it my companion comes
in the room and says,"you know there's a lot of kids grouping around
the doors right?" So I looked up and saw all these faces and I guess
to them that meant oh come in and surround the piano so I can play
with 20 people listening. It was super nerve racking, very scary, but
also pretty darn awesome! But hey now I can play for a large group of
people and not get so scared I mess up. I can also now play glorious
almost the whole way without looking Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes

Studies went great this week. Elder Gardner and I worked very hard on
going through all the lessons to see how we taught and then teaching
them together to practice our unity which I feel is coming along
great. It obviously still needs plenty of work but it has progressed.

We went on three splits with Ward mission leaders which was honestly
not that great of a start but that will get very good within the next
two or three weeks. A couple of the Ward mission leaders have
mentioned rumor of a couple non-members who may be interested that we
did not know of before and two that have recently been attending their
SACRAMENT meetings. So many Miracles are wrought in Founders Park as
the members understand their purpose more fully.

I have enjoyed Elder Gardener's companionship thus far and am very
enthusiastic about how exactly obedient I have become with him as my
companion. That is not to say my previous companions were not obedient
because they were. Elder Gardner just shows it more passionately.
We have been working with Jessica more this last week and she has
moved her date from the 8th of October to the 3rd. She loves what she
learns and is excited about the church which just lifts my spirit
10-fold. And hearing her testimony of what she knows now and
understands brings in the spirit so strongly. It truly is joyful to
see God's lost sheep coming back to His fold.

I love you mom! I can't wait to hug you when I see you again

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