Monday, November 30, 2015

Mission XP - 30 November 2015

When I got this email I put it up against my back and it did find it better thank you!
Thanksgiving was great, we had the blessing of only one meal but LOTS AND LOTS of pies, all of which were pie flavor...mmmmm

Monday I finally got to go to a district activity and it was nice to run and be out of breath. I started slow because my back was still a little hurt but I was on medicine and then the adrenaline of speed ball made it so I didn't feel the pain until I woke up the next morning but my back is back to being awesome along with the rest of me XD that sounded prideful but it wasn't because I'm really very humble ;)

Tuesday we had a good district meeting. Also, we did some service of raking leaves for our landlords. And our lesson cancelled.

Wednesday only one of our two lessons dropped...  ...that is all...

Thursday we had a zone training meeting to pump us up and keep us going through the slow holidays. It lasted an hour longer than it was supposed to but it was still good.

Friday was weekly planning and we ate lunch...we eat lunch everyday but today it was pretty much the most interesting thing that had happened.

Saturday was our only lesson with an investigator and she had not slept for over 33ish hours. It was crazy but I can't go into it. Our other two lessons cancelled.

Sunday made this week exceptionally spiritual. Sunday I was able to attend two consecutive baptisms in my last area for two 9 year old girls(Amily and Emma). I felt the Holy Ghost very powerfully when Emma was baptized because she has been scared of water and crowds in the past and that stopped her. Tonight we closed the baptismal font doors for her, for ten minutes nothing happened and Elder Christiansen and I were just praying that she wouldn't not get baptized. Then we heard her father's voice and then water and that's when I felt the Holy Ghost really strong. It was amazing. Afterwards, for my ride home, the brother of another person I taught who is getting baptized next month gave me a ride home. I felt prompted to share my experience at the baptisms with him and furthermore share my own personal testimony of experiences I'd had when I felt down or not good enough or nothing was happening...and then I had that uplifting spiritual opportunity to witness someone grow and make his/her first covenant to God. And I shared the blessing that came for both myself and the new convert. He opened up when I was done. I thought that he was getting ready to go on a mission, he was getting worthy so he could, and so he could baptize his sister so I thought he wanted to go on a mission. He expressed to me his concerns that I'm sure many missionaries feel before their missions. He said, "I thought that I was going to go on a mission for two years. Pretty much like my junior and senior year time frame, and go and not really have much success and have nothing really happen. But now I want to go a lot more." I was so excited for him when he said that and I was so grateful that I listened and acted on the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
  I've been studying my patriarchal blessing and I did finally receive some of what I needed to receive. And it truly is amazing the series of events that Heavenly Father has put me through thus far to receive what I got out of it now. Two key things that I've expanded on in my journal is "full purpose of heart" which stuck out to me in ways that haven't before, and the blessings that come from that, one of which was interesting to me because I hadn't thought about it at all since I got called English speaking but it was the blessing to speak in a foreign language so that, if I had a full purpose in heart as I am on my mission, I will be able to share my testimony to others in their native tongue and that it would affect them in ways that otherwise would not have been as powerful to them. So I personally went through what I had in my mind and heart that I hadn't completely left at home and I think I've finally forgotten myself which has been a long hard process, and during lunch and before studies I've taken to learning how to teach the lessons and testify in a couple other languages because I know it may be a promise but I still have to put forth effort and now that I understand what it means more I now feel it a responsibility so I don't miss the person or people that it was intended for.

Can't wait till Christmas!

Elder Kremer 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mission XP - 23 November 2015 Thanksgiving week

This week was painful but also good. 

Monday I played piano almost all day, I'm trying to write a classical
piece. We also played pool and pinball! 

Tuesday was district meeting and it almost lasted three hours instead of the regular two hours...we also taught and 8 year old who got baptized Saturday! He's a cool kid. And we taught a man who isn't a member but was a member and wants to be a member again. We taught him
tithing.  I'm very excited that he is working so diligently to come back. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went into the District Leader's area with the District Leader. It was good. We taught James again in the morning. I taught him last time I went on exchanges there. He's from China. His heart is soaring and he is trying so hard to learn and
believe in God. He is amazing. 
Thursday was actually when we had the lesson with James I just didn't have anything to put for Wednesday and now I'm filling my Thursday space with explaining that ;) We also ended exchanges. 
Friday I hurt my back doing curls...and we didn't get out of the house till three. We had one of the two lessons scheduled with less actives. 
Saturday I went to Insta care because I couldn't twist or bend forward. My spine is fine. They prescribed a muscle relaxer to me. We also had two lessons with investigators that were cancelled. Then for both of them at the last minute we were able to have them!!! Miracles! 

Sunday church from 8-5. I didn't talk and I didn't do much. I think the members thought I was mad but I had a headache and I could move my head to a comfortable position because it caused pain to my back. I was also tired because my new medication makes me sleepy...but I
couldn't bend my head forward to sleep because my back would hurt to much. I'm laughing now because it was a circle of pain but I was not laughing yesterday. Then we had dinner with less actives who came to church also! They want us to teach them but we can only come over and
teach them if they feed us... #first world problems 
So it was a great week. We didn't find new investigators but we had some great lessons with investigators and less actives. We have a lesson today with a potential investigator so pray that all goes well. 

Love ya mom! 
Elder Kremer

Monday, November 16, 2015

Mission XP - 16 November 2015

It was great to hear about that sister being able to get a new liver. I was just sharing a message about service last night and I shared the Mormon message of the little girl who almost died because she needed a new liver and because of everyone around them loving and serving them she was able to receive the perfect liver from a donor and lived.

This week was good, then better, then awesome!

Monday was actually pretty busy. We missed zone activity because so much stuff went wrong. It's funny to look back at now, it always is when something goes horribly wrong. We went to our stake center so Elder Bell could send off some voice recordings. The computer wouldn't work so then we went to the library. After that we went to lunch which was delicious. Then the small Walmart to get Elder Bell medicine which wasn't in stock so they said come by Wednesday which we can't and so Elder Bell was starting to get a little stressed. Finally they said we could get it at the big Walmart at 3:20 which was in the middle of the zone activity. Then we went to the big Walmart to shop then to the post office. We didn't have the address to where we needed to ship off a package so we had to go home, get the address, go back to the post office, wait in line, talk to an Indian, then by that time it was 3:10. We went to Walmart, waited.....waited some more.....and some more.....then we got the medicine!YAY! Got home and it was about 3:50. And all this without a car. Well our ride had a car but it was finding the different rides throughout the day. Ahh hecticness. And we just relaxed for the last two hours.

Tuesday we had district meeting which was Bueno except for it ran a half and hour late so we had to push everything back. Then we knocked...all day seriously - no one was home.

Wednesday was awesome! We went to a meeting from 12:00-7:00 with an area  70. We got the knowledge bomb dropped on us of the importance of the book Book of Mormon and how to help people understand it the best.

Thursday we ate dinner with a member and her daughter whom we are teaching then taught her. It was an okay lesson. She went from her baptism being in December to sometime in January maybe. So we talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon then praying for specific things and answers. Then we had a lesson with our eternigator "eternal investigator" who goes to church and defends the church and loves the church but feels the Book of Mormon is pretty much the Bible because it has the same stuff in different story form and it has a little bit more. He doesn't realize that that's because the gospel doesn't change just because it's in another part of the world likewise Jesus Christ taught his despisers and the people in the New Testament then died, then appeared to those in the Book of Mormon...why would he teach them anything different? Hopefully he will soon understand that.

Friday was weekly planning then another day of no set appointments but lots of going to people.

Saturday we had two lessons both with investigators! They went good... We are working with them. Also we had Stake Conference which was amazing.

Sunday was also Stake Conference and all the talks were very inspired. Jesse Sullivan, a return missionary, talked about service! And ways we ALL can serve in different stakes. It was very good.

Which brings us back in to doe Ray me fa so la tea doe(a.k.a Monday)

Love you mom!

Elder Kremer 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Mission XP - 9 November 2015

This was a pretty good week. Slow...but awesome.

Monday was preparation day and our district went bowling but my companion and I stayed home and played pool and pinball! One of the perks of our new home. I played pool with my landlord too and that was a lot of fun. We also went shopping with a different district's M.L.S couple the Mathews. They are awesome and they always take us shopping and out to eat on Mondays because we are the only missionaries without a car in our district.

Tuesday we had a three hour zone meeting which is about as much fun as it sounds :) it was a great training though. Our monthly mission training plan is to help get our investigators to pray and understand prayer - it is very good. We had two appointments. The 8 year old one only lasted ten minutes because the mom had to leave early. And the L.A one...didn't happen but it was a good night nontheless.

Wednesday we had exchanges which for our mission is only five to ten minutes away haha. I went with the district leader's companion into his area and it was a great exchange but I was a bit more immature than I usually am because I was away from my companion whom I love but it's
all like serious up in here Winking face it was a good break but im good without anymore.

Thursday morning we were still on exchanges and we had a lesson at 9:30 with a guy from China. It was a great lesson we went over the baptismal questions and he is pretty solid he just doesn't want to commit to paying tithing because when he goes back to China he isn't sure his family will allow him. It's a legit reason if you understand the Chinese culture.

Friday was slowwww as usual. Weekly planning then call-ins usually make it so we don't get out till 3:30ish. But we did have two L.A lessons that happened and were awesome except for during the last one I was in the bathroom for a bit beginning my fun days of sickness.
Went home went to bed.

Saturday.....didn't wake up till 2:00 p.m. then went on a split at 5:00-8:00 so my companion could work and I could sleep.

Sunday was Sunday. Meeting at 7:00 a.m. church from 9:00-4:00 which in a couple of weeks for this stake we will have a meeting at 6:00 and church from 8:00-5:00! Our lesson with our new investigator fell through because he was so tired from helping our old investigator get ready to move both of whom are awesome. I have loads of respect for Mark, the new investigator. He is great and he served in I believe the Army. He gave me grief the first time he saw me because I was wearing a pink tie. Then he gave me grief for my glasses. He was just messing around so because I new we were going to see him yesterday I wore my pink rose tie Face savoring delicious food just for him.

And thus begins another Monday.

I love you mom

Elder Kremer

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mission XP - 2 November 2015

My new companion has been out 17 months. He is from New Mexico.  
Nothing really exciting happened this week. I crashed my bike so that was fun. I'm actually glad I didn't break anything because I completely flipped. The bike is fine. I haven't found any scratches. We were riding down the road and I came across a  ....... Railed one way only. And it was dark and I saw it with my light but I didn't see that it was only railed one way. So I rode on and said oh shoot, my wheel went literally half way in and I flipped off my bike onto my back. Thank goodness for helmets. Yeah so that was fun. I also got asked how long I'd been out and I said 13 years then realizing that sounded just a little long said 13 months. We found a new solid potential investigator last night! For a different set of missionaries haha...I'm not really laughing. But yeah that's my week, love you!

Elder Kremer