Monday, September 7, 2015

Mission XP - 7 September 2015

This week went amazing. We've been able to work a lot with the Embly's (our mission leader support couple) in the evening two or three times a week.  Since we've been doing that I feel like we are actually working as a better missionary team. The Embly's are doing so amazing with meeting people and making people feel comfortable and teaching in general. They're on the ball. Studies have been going well. This last week and for the last 12 weeks we reviewed chapter 4 working with members and auxiliaries better which is what we've been working at already.
I think the biggest thing this week is just that we've been able to talk to a few more people than the last couple weeks. We haven't seen anything from it yet but ve vill see...
Anyway I'm sad to see Elder Branen go, I keep getting all these awesome companions that have to go home because their mission is ending, but I've learned a lot from him and I'll always keep that with me. He is an amazing Elder. He reminds me of Elder Dresen in the way he teaches and gives blessings and you can just feel the love and that he just cares about you.
I got transfer calls today! I'm staying in Founders Park!!!! Whoooo! We just started enforcing so much stuff like real time correlation it's going to be awesome so I was hoping that I would stay to start it off, then I could leave you know?.. 
Anyway so that's the fun stuff that's been happening for me.

I love you mom, have a great week. Keep a smile on your face Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes

                                                    Photos Elder Kremer sent today.

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