Monday, September 14, 2015

Mission XP - 14 September 2015

I miss bowling. We almost played it a couple months ago but there were already missionaries there so we couldn't play.
This week was awesome!!! Yesterday we went on splits to church and the Ward mission leader of the 3rd Ward introduced me to a potential investigator and we had a lesson, it was the first time I taught the restoration by myself and then I put her on date which was just awesome and afterwards Brother Lopez said he loved how I taught so that was nice to hear. I think I'm not that great of a teacher most of the time. Then....we had another lesson with a potential investigator and she is only kind of interested but she did say she would listen to us again and she said she would read and pray soo only miracles can happen.
Studies have been really helpful this week. I've been reading hardcore on recognizing the spirit, on teaching by the spirit. And I have actually been able to feel it a lot more or at least recognize and act more on it.
This is going to be an awesome transfer because we have organized real time correlation with every Ward mission leader we have and they are all very excited for us to work with them in there areas!
I'm super excited. This area is going to get soo busy.
I love you mom

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