Monday, September 28, 2015

Mission XP - 28 September 2015

I did get the package thanks for the hi chews and the card. Ha the card reminded me of the Thanksgiving card I gave Andrea Ashbaker, Ethan, and his brother a year ago. So that was awesome. 

So Jessica Rivero's baptism got moved again from General Conference Sunday to the Friday before! She keeps talking about baptism and the best part is that she got up and shared her testimony this Sunday! It was the most amazing thing I've witnessed yet. How lucky am I to be a part of teaching someone with the spirituality of this magnitude. During splits Elder Gardner found two solid sounding potential investigators and we are going to contact them this week. 

Studies have gone good. I haven't learned anything that particularly stood out to me. I just had the normal reminders of things we should include in every lesson. I wish we just had time every morning to review every lesson because it always feels like everytime I finally finished reviewing the lessons throughout a period of every week to two weeks I need yet another review. Haha it's a vicious cycle that must continue I suppose even after the mission.

The week went great, like I said we went on splits with the Ward mission leaders. Two on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and we are working on getting the other five out weekly with us. I've seen a couple miracles already which is one of the reasons I tried really hard to start it going in Founders Park. My vision is by the end of the year we go out with every Ward Mission leader weekly and we've found at least one investigator to get baptized in each Ward which sounds reasonable to me. And we are getting there. 1 investigator in the 3rd Ward on date. 2 potentials in 7th, 1 potential in 3rd, 1 potential in 11th. The work is hastening and it only makes me more and more excited. I used to try and keep my excitement down when I talked to the Ward mission leaders because when I get really excited about something I talk really fast. But I've uncontrolably done it at least two or three times now and a couple of the Ward mission leaders have said they enjoy the enthusiasm and excitement I have and expressing it and honestly I get excited off of them getting excited about how much I get excited. If that makes sense.

I love you mom!

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