Monday, October 26, 2015

Mission Information from Senior Couple Founders Park Utah Stake - 23 October 2015

This sweet Senior Sister sent this to us last week when Elder Kremer was transferred. I'm sure she calls all the Missionaries her favorites she email their families but it sure did warm my heart to hear that from her.

Hello Sister Kremer and Kremer Family,  Our favorite missionary, your son, Elder Kremer was transferred this week.  He has been in Founders Park Stake for most of his mission.  Everyone is missing him already and he was only transferred two days ago.  Elder Kremer is now in the Draper Stake serving with Elder Bell.  His companion here in Founders Park Stake, Elder Gardner, is now training a new missionary, who is also from Tennessee, Elder Christiansen.  I am attaching below, pictures of Elder Kremer and his new companion with their landlords and one of Elder Kremer with us, Elder and Sister Embley.  Have a wonderful day!

Kindest regards, 
Sister Embley

My response to her was:

Thank  you for the photos. My husband was a little concerned whether Elder Kremer's haircut is a legal cut for a missionary, but we did enjoy seeing him.

Charlene Kremer

She wrote me back:

Hello, Again, Sister Kremer,

Elder Kremer’s hair looks pretty short (very short) on the sides in the pictures.  I think perhaps his blond hair just doesn’t show much because he is in the sun.  He does like to comb his hair up on the top, but I know it is longer than it looks.  Elder Embley and I asked Elder Gardner (Elder Kremer’s last companion) if Elder Kremer’s hair is “a legal cut for a missionary” as you asked in your note.  Elder Gardner says it definitely is okay for a missionary, and that Elder Kremer does like to “slick his hair up”.

Sister Embley 

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