Monday, October 26, 2015

Mission XP - 26 October 2015

Oh I love love love the Embley's! I was sad when I had to leave them. They are so amazing and have such great attitudes and spirit about them. I haven't gotten your letter yet but I'm sure I'll get it tomorrow.  I've left both my last areas right before they had a Stake Conference in which President Chambers, my Mission President, would have spoken at which makes me kind of sad. 

Ahh everyone is going to college what's up with that? How is bowling going? Have y'all had any games recently?  I want to see everyone when I get home.

Tuesday was transfers, it was also the first transfer I wasn't already packed and ready to leave which naturally meant that I got transferred out of Founders Park :(   
...I was in founders park for 81/2 months. But now I'm in Draper Meadows Stake. I'll get used to it. I already love the people so that's a good start. Thursday was very awesome and spiritual, but first. I've been learning a lot from Elder Bell. Not entirely in knowledge but in how a missionary should be. Thursday night we had a lesson with Rebecca and Samantha. We had originally prepared to teach about priesthood and auxiliary leaders but as we began the lesson and followed up with previous commitments Elder Bell followed the Holy Ghost to the T, and we taught on prayer and listening for answers, then we had her pray to receive an answer of if she should be baptized and when. After she prayed we sat there listening when she finally expressed to us that she was told to be baptized in December. Elder Bell asked further if she had received and instruction on a specific date, with her response being...yes, on the 15th or 16th. It was such an amazing experience. 
The other uplifting spiritual experience occurred later that evening. We had stopped by Gary. He is an investigator who is very solid in his testimony of the gospel and whom Elder Bell loves very much. Recently Gary has been going through some difficult times and we have not been able to contact him(oh and I only just got transferred here a week ago) and Elder Bell has been very worried about him. Well, we stopped by his house Thursday night and knocked twice. We knew that he was there and a lady had been sitting in the front room, however , there was no response. As we were leaving I kept getting this feeling like we should try again in case he didn't hear us and at the time I didn't recognize that it was the holy ghost until Elder Bell asked me if it was a prompting and I said I thought it was. As we headed back to the door we saw him through the window and waved. He came to the door and greeted us and we talked for a bit. He is very nice but he's moving soon. I honestly think we were able to talk to him so my companion could have that stress removed and so he could say by.

All in all it was a great week and I'm very excited for this area! 

I love you mom! Have an exciting week.

Elder Kremer 

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