Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mission XP - 14 December 2015

Sorry I didn't email last week it just completely skipped my mind. 
This week was greatish mostly...except for when it wasn't

Monday we had p-day and we played volleyball!!! It was pretty awesome! We also did other stuff that I've forgotten about.

Tuesday our lesson cancelled...I think it was a good day though.

Wednesday was exchanges. The district leaders companion biked in our area with me. It was pretty fun. We both joke around with members a lot and dinner was awesome. That family we ate with said they didn't really like past missionaries because they were robots kind of and that we were awesome...! Our lesson also cancelled today but we'll have it next Wednesday.

Thursday we went to a baptism in the district leaders' area. James got baptized! He's from China. Elders Kim, Ray, Fehoko, and I all have actually taught him before so it was nice that we all happened to be in his district when he finally got baptized! He is firm in the gospel now! Exchanges ended at 1, then we went to the zone building to meet with the zone to practice a song for the mission Christmas devotional. Three hours later we only had 1 and a half versus down haha..the struggle though... Then a lesson cancelled and we had our first lesson of the week with an investigator we picked up last week who lives with an awesome family! Tsubasa is from Japan! Which is awesome because I gave up on French because nobody in Utah is going to speak French so I'm starting to try and at least learn to teach in Japanese - so as the lesson progressed we started teaching about the area of things I knew in Japanese which wasn't that much because I'd only been at it a week but it was still awesome and I only butchered everything probably but the spirit was there!

Friday weekly planning 😴😵 again... And only one of our three lessons cancelled and it was the same one from earlier. We are helping one of our investigators overcome smoking. This person really wants to and is working so hard to quit and is down to three a day and 11-12 on a stressful day. The goal is 1 a day and 3 on stressful days so please pray and fast with us for Kim.

Saturday someone asked for our help to move them out of their trailer home. We went by 4-5 different times during the day and they weren't out once nor did they answer their door. But oh well. And we had a kind of lesson with a 10 year old boy but the mom was crazy...it's ok though God's plan is mostly for us crazy people 😱😜 anyway!i!

Sunday was a blast!!! Haha just kidding we went to church for 9 hours again. Actually it was a pretty awesome day and we only went to church for 7 1/2 hours because we went to a baptismal interview for one of our investigators who is getting baptized on the 26th! Annddd...we got a miracle text Sunday but more on that next week when the mystery miracle unfolds.

Love ya,
Elder Kremer 

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