Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mission XP - 2 November 2015

My new companion has been out 17 months. He is from New Mexico.  
Nothing really exciting happened this week. I crashed my bike so that was fun. I'm actually glad I didn't break anything because I completely flipped. The bike is fine. I haven't found any scratches. We were riding down the road and I came across a  ....... Railed one way only. And it was dark and I saw it with my light but I didn't see that it was only railed one way. So I rode on and said oh shoot, my wheel went literally half way in and I flipped off my bike onto my back. Thank goodness for helmets. Yeah so that was fun. I also got asked how long I'd been out and I said 13 years then realizing that sounded just a little long said 13 months. We found a new solid potential investigator last night! For a different set of missionaries haha...I'm not really laughing. But yeah that's my week, love you!

Elder Kremer 

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