Monday, November 23, 2015

Mission XP - 23 November 2015 Thanksgiving week

This week was painful but also good. 

Monday I played piano almost all day, I'm trying to write a classical
piece. We also played pool and pinball! 

Tuesday was district meeting and it almost lasted three hours instead of the regular two hours...we also taught and 8 year old who got baptized Saturday! He's a cool kid. And we taught a man who isn't a member but was a member and wants to be a member again. We taught him
tithing.  I'm very excited that he is working so diligently to come back. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went into the District Leader's area with the District Leader. It was good. We taught James again in the morning. I taught him last time I went on exchanges there. He's from China. His heart is soaring and he is trying so hard to learn and
believe in God. He is amazing. 
Thursday was actually when we had the lesson with James I just didn't have anything to put for Wednesday and now I'm filling my Thursday space with explaining that ;) We also ended exchanges. 
Friday I hurt my back doing curls...and we didn't get out of the house till three. We had one of the two lessons scheduled with less actives. 
Saturday I went to Insta care because I couldn't twist or bend forward. My spine is fine. They prescribed a muscle relaxer to me. We also had two lessons with investigators that were cancelled. Then for both of them at the last minute we were able to have them!!! Miracles! 

Sunday church from 8-5. I didn't talk and I didn't do much. I think the members thought I was mad but I had a headache and I could move my head to a comfortable position because it caused pain to my back. I was also tired because my new medication makes me sleepy...but I
couldn't bend my head forward to sleep because my back would hurt to much. I'm laughing now because it was a circle of pain but I was not laughing yesterday. Then we had dinner with less actives who came to church also! They want us to teach them but we can only come over and
teach them if they feed us... #first world problems 
So it was a great week. We didn't find new investigators but we had some great lessons with investigators and less actives. We have a lesson today with a potential investigator so pray that all goes well. 

Love ya mom! 
Elder Kremer

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