Monday, October 26, 2015

Mission XP - 26 October 2015

Oh I love love love the Embley's! I was sad when I had to leave them. They are so amazing and have such great attitudes and spirit about them. I haven't gotten your letter yet but I'm sure I'll get it tomorrow.  I've left both my last areas right before they had a Stake Conference in which President Chambers, my Mission President, would have spoken at which makes me kind of sad. 

Ahh everyone is going to college what's up with that? How is bowling going? Have y'all had any games recently?  I want to see everyone when I get home.

Tuesday was transfers, it was also the first transfer I wasn't already packed and ready to leave which naturally meant that I got transferred out of Founders Park :(   
...I was in founders park for 81/2 months. But now I'm in Draper Meadows Stake. I'll get used to it. I already love the people so that's a good start. Thursday was very awesome and spiritual, but first. I've been learning a lot from Elder Bell. Not entirely in knowledge but in how a missionary should be. Thursday night we had a lesson with Rebecca and Samantha. We had originally prepared to teach about priesthood and auxiliary leaders but as we began the lesson and followed up with previous commitments Elder Bell followed the Holy Ghost to the T, and we taught on prayer and listening for answers, then we had her pray to receive an answer of if she should be baptized and when. After she prayed we sat there listening when she finally expressed to us that she was told to be baptized in December. Elder Bell asked further if she had received and instruction on a specific date, with her response being...yes, on the 15th or 16th. It was such an amazing experience. 
The other uplifting spiritual experience occurred later that evening. We had stopped by Gary. He is an investigator who is very solid in his testimony of the gospel and whom Elder Bell loves very much. Recently Gary has been going through some difficult times and we have not been able to contact him(oh and I only just got transferred here a week ago) and Elder Bell has been very worried about him. Well, we stopped by his house Thursday night and knocked twice. We knew that he was there and a lady had been sitting in the front room, however , there was no response. As we were leaving I kept getting this feeling like we should try again in case he didn't hear us and at the time I didn't recognize that it was the holy ghost until Elder Bell asked me if it was a prompting and I said I thought it was. As we headed back to the door we saw him through the window and waved. He came to the door and greeted us and we talked for a bit. He is very nice but he's moving soon. I honestly think we were able to talk to him so my companion could have that stress removed and so he could say by.

All in all it was a great week and I'm very excited for this area! 

I love you mom! Have an exciting week.

Elder Kremer 

Mission Information from Senior Couple Founders Park Utah Stake - 23 October 2015

This sweet Senior Sister sent this to us last week when Elder Kremer was transferred. I'm sure she calls all the Missionaries her favorites she email their families but it sure did warm my heart to hear that from her.

Hello Sister Kremer and Kremer Family,  Our favorite missionary, your son, Elder Kremer was transferred this week.  He has been in Founders Park Stake for most of his mission.  Everyone is missing him already and he was only transferred two days ago.  Elder Kremer is now in the Draper Stake serving with Elder Bell.  His companion here in Founders Park Stake, Elder Gardner, is now training a new missionary, who is also from Tennessee, Elder Christiansen.  I am attaching below, pictures of Elder Kremer and his new companion with their landlords and one of Elder Kremer with us, Elder and Sister Embley.  Have a wonderful day!

Kindest regards, 
Sister Embley

My response to her was:

Thank  you for the photos. My husband was a little concerned whether Elder Kremer's haircut is a legal cut for a missionary, but we did enjoy seeing him.

Charlene Kremer

She wrote me back:

Hello, Again, Sister Kremer,

Elder Kremer’s hair looks pretty short (very short) on the sides in the pictures.  I think perhaps his blond hair just doesn’t show much because he is in the sun.  He does like to comb his hair up on the top, but I know it is longer than it looks.  Elder Embley and I asked Elder Gardner (Elder Kremer’s last companion) if Elder Kremer’s hair is “a legal cut for a missionary” as you asked in your note.  Elder Gardner says it definitely is okay for a missionary, and that Elder Kremer does like to “slick his hair up”.

Sister Embley 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mission XP - 19 October 2015

It's great to hear about daisy and that she'll soon have pups! I saw one of my favorite family's (the Hermansons') daughters from Glenmoor at the sizzler the other night when one of my favorite family's (the Riches) from Founders Park took me out to dinner because I'm probably leaving tommorow. It was filled with mixed emotions. I don't want to leave but my companion is going to be training and I've been hear 8 ish months so I'm probably gone. Sister Hermanson responded to an email I sent them last week and she said, "Let us know how transfers went.  One of our Elders leaves this Wednesday to go home so maybe....  haha  We can only wish!" Haha!

This week was pretty darn amazing. It was filled with many a miracles. One of my favorites was that we kept getting small thoughts and inspirations to go certain places at the end of the day several different days and we ended up bumping into a lady named Rabecca every single time. It was so cool this last time it happened we had 7 minutes left and we saw the steeple of our church building and I said I think we need to go to the church building elder. But we realized there wouldn't be anyone there at the time we went, it was 8:53, but we went anyway because I wasn't sure if it was just my thoughts or a prompting and we acted and we bumped into Rabecca who was also out walking and we talked to her. We didn't even make it to the church building because we Werner supposed to go there. I very much feel like 1. We were being guided in the DIRECTION we need to head towards and 2. This was a small test. We were guided somewhere that there was clearly going to be no one at so we could have easily thought oh there won't be anyone there so let's go home or somewhere else but we don't know nor can we ever see the whole picture. What a blessing it was that we acted on that prompting because if we hadn't we wouldn't have set up the appointment for his week in which we taught lesson one and picked her up as an investigator. She went to church too. She asked us what time it was before we could even invite her it was awesome!
The biggest thing I learned in studies this week was in preach my gospel "what is my purpose as a missionary?" And the revelation I got was just crazy important for me because I understand that the atonement is important. I've felt it play a huge and very sacred role in my life that I will not easily forget. However, even as I've read the scriptures finding thing relevant to the Atonement of Jesus Christ I feel I became a bit prideful or arrogant in not understanding WHY I was reading about the atonement in every personal study (something we've been asked to do by our mission president) when I came across this amazingly beautifully said passage that I the sole purpose of why I'm here anyway, "As your understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase. You will feel, as Lehi did, the “great … importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth” I don't know why it stuck out so big to me but it makes sense. My desire and the importance of sharing this message to EVERYONE we see and meet will only grow if I more fully and personally understand the atonement. 
Lastly a non member offered us a ride home tonight. He lives in our area, never met him before but very very nice. As we talked we eventually began to talk about his friends then family and before we left we were prompted to ask him if there was anything we could do for him. He asked us if we could keep 
and Amiia 
In our prayers. Would you mind keeping them in your prayers. Health and comfort mainly. Thank you
Love you mom!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mission XP - 12 October 2015

Hey mom,
This week went alright. The beginning of it we taught our new
investigator Hayden on Tuesday. Then Wednesday we taught Pedro, our
recent convert. I was down on Friday and Saturday but Elder Gardner
went on splits and he got three potential investigator lesson set up
for next week! How exciting is that. Even though I was down we still
worked hard and through that Heavenly Father blessed us and those
ready to accept the gospel. What if I was sick and we both just
decided to stay home. That would be quite a few souls not being extended
the invitation to hear about the gospel. Yet another reason I love
Elder Gardner. He doesn't find excuses not to work. On the contrary, he
finds every excuse to work. I love it. I need to adopt more of that
missionary mindset. Not to say I don't try to work, I just haven't
quite reached the level he's at. Anyway so our week was great. Along
with studying the atonement I've picked up reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. I
tried when I first came out but I wasn't ready for it. haha but now
I'm trying again. My goal was to finish it before the end of my mission but now
my goal is to just fully understand what I read to the best of my

Love you

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mission XP - 5 October 2015

My favorites were Elder Holland's and President Uctchdorf's first talk. I don't remember
Walt. Sorry. How is Kristina doing?
This week was awesome! Jessica took her first huge step of faith, which she was very much already prepared for, by being baptized this last Friday. I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling and I kept hugging Brother Lopez, who also was very excited. I don't have words to describe the feelings and emotions I had Friday night at Jessica's baptism, but exceeding joy seems to be the closest fit. I have felt the spirit this strong at two other baptisms. Triston and Lauren. But wow,
how every experience I am able to have of witnessing another person being able to make these sacred covenants fills my heart with such joy and an overwhelming sensation of the spirit further testifies to me of this great and marvelous work. How can the gospel we have and the church that has been established not be true when the Holy Ghost himself testifies so boldly and so strong when another comes back to the fold of our loving shepherd. This actually kind of ties in with my studies this week which were focused on being bold and opening my mouth to testify to people. You's actually not as hard as we make it seem. I don't know how many times I've been told,"why be afraid of talking to people about the gospel they see your a missionary, they know what you are planning on talking to them about" but it really didn't hit me until I heard it this last time at zone conference or right after. They do know what we want to talk to them about why am I so scared. And while the responses may be the same and their are still those uninterested people I am now working towards being the best missionary I can be by literally
talking to everyone about the gospel. The first evening my companion and I did this we saw an immediate miracle of having the opportunity to stop by this members house where a less active nephew lived. If we had not talked what opportunities we would miss out on. I don't like knowing their are miracles out their I'm missing out on sharing but I like it a lot less knowing that I've missed some of those miracles and I didn't have to because all I had to do was...well my calling.

I'm trying my hardest to apply the things I've learned, and if you could keep me in your prayers and ask for me to be given strength and a good bit of courage as I talk to everyone I see so the fear may be gone, I'd very much appreciate it.

I love you very much.