Monday, September 28, 2015

Mission XP - 28 September 2015

I did get the package thanks for the hi chews and the card. Ha the card reminded me of the Thanksgiving card I gave Andrea Ashbaker, Ethan, and his brother a year ago. So that was awesome. 

So Jessica Rivero's baptism got moved again from General Conference Sunday to the Friday before! She keeps talking about baptism and the best part is that she got up and shared her testimony this Sunday! It was the most amazing thing I've witnessed yet. How lucky am I to be a part of teaching someone with the spirituality of this magnitude. During splits Elder Gardner found two solid sounding potential investigators and we are going to contact them this week. 

Studies have gone good. I haven't learned anything that particularly stood out to me. I just had the normal reminders of things we should include in every lesson. I wish we just had time every morning to review every lesson because it always feels like everytime I finally finished reviewing the lessons throughout a period of every week to two weeks I need yet another review. Haha it's a vicious cycle that must continue I suppose even after the mission.

The week went great, like I said we went on splits with the Ward mission leaders. Two on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and we are working on getting the other five out weekly with us. I've seen a couple miracles already which is one of the reasons I tried really hard to start it going in Founders Park. My vision is by the end of the year we go out with every Ward Mission leader weekly and we've found at least one investigator to get baptized in each Ward which sounds reasonable to me. And we are getting there. 1 investigator in the 3rd Ward on date. 2 potentials in 7th, 1 potential in 3rd, 1 potential in 11th. The work is hastening and it only makes me more and more excited. I used to try and keep my excitement down when I talked to the Ward mission leaders because when I get really excited about something I talk really fast. But I've uncontrolably done it at least two or three times now and a couple of the Ward mission leaders have said they enjoy the enthusiasm and excitement I have and expressing it and honestly I get excited off of them getting excited about how much I get excited. If that makes sense.

I love you mom!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mission XP - 21 September 2015

I freaking love Elder Holland. We saw a primary program practice and that
brought back memories of when I was younger. There was also that
one kid who screamed the song instead of loudly singing it haha. So
update, I've written a 6-7 minute piano arrangement that I've actually
gotten several compliments from. After a Ward dinner after church one
Sunday, during our dinner break, we decided to stay at the church and
play piano because we had a lesson in that area later and it would
have been pointless going home. Anyway I started playing my song that
you haven't heard yet and a couple minutes into it my companion comes
in the room and says,"you know there's a lot of kids grouping around
the doors right?" So I looked up and saw all these faces and I guess
to them that meant oh come in and surround the piano so I can play
with 20 people listening. It was super nerve racking, very scary, but
also pretty darn awesome! But hey now I can play for a large group of
people and not get so scared I mess up. I can also now play glorious
almost the whole way without looking Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes

Studies went great this week. Elder Gardner and I worked very hard on
going through all the lessons to see how we taught and then teaching
them together to practice our unity which I feel is coming along
great. It obviously still needs plenty of work but it has progressed.

We went on three splits with Ward mission leaders which was honestly
not that great of a start but that will get very good within the next
two or three weeks. A couple of the Ward mission leaders have
mentioned rumor of a couple non-members who may be interested that we
did not know of before and two that have recently been attending their
SACRAMENT meetings. So many Miracles are wrought in Founders Park as
the members understand their purpose more fully.

I have enjoyed Elder Gardener's companionship thus far and am very
enthusiastic about how exactly obedient I have become with him as my
companion. That is not to say my previous companions were not obedient
because they were. Elder Gardner just shows it more passionately.
We have been working with Jessica more this last week and she has
moved her date from the 8th of October to the 3rd. She loves what she
learns and is excited about the church which just lifts my spirit
10-fold. And hearing her testimony of what she knows now and
understands brings in the spirit so strongly. It truly is joyful to
see God's lost sheep coming back to His fold.

I love you mom! I can't wait to hug you when I see you again

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mission XP - 14 September 2015

I miss bowling. We almost played it a couple months ago but there were already missionaries there so we couldn't play.
This week was awesome!!! Yesterday we went on splits to church and the Ward mission leader of the 3rd Ward introduced me to a potential investigator and we had a lesson, it was the first time I taught the restoration by myself and then I put her on date which was just awesome and afterwards Brother Lopez said he loved how I taught so that was nice to hear. I think I'm not that great of a teacher most of the time. Then....we had another lesson with a potential investigator and she is only kind of interested but she did say she would listen to us again and she said she would read and pray soo only miracles can happen.
Studies have been really helpful this week. I've been reading hardcore on recognizing the spirit, on teaching by the spirit. And I have actually been able to feel it a lot more or at least recognize and act more on it.
This is going to be an awesome transfer because we have organized real time correlation with every Ward mission leader we have and they are all very excited for us to work with them in there areas!
I'm super excited. This area is going to get soo busy.
I love you mom

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mission XP - 7 September 2015

This week went amazing. We've been able to work a lot with the Embly's (our mission leader support couple) in the evening two or three times a week.  Since we've been doing that I feel like we are actually working as a better missionary team. The Embly's are doing so amazing with meeting people and making people feel comfortable and teaching in general. They're on the ball. Studies have been going well. This last week and for the last 12 weeks we reviewed chapter 4 working with members and auxiliaries better which is what we've been working at already.
I think the biggest thing this week is just that we've been able to talk to a few more people than the last couple weeks. We haven't seen anything from it yet but ve vill see...
Anyway I'm sad to see Elder Branen go, I keep getting all these awesome companions that have to go home because their mission is ending, but I've learned a lot from him and I'll always keep that with me. He is an amazing Elder. He reminds me of Elder Dresen in the way he teaches and gives blessings and you can just feel the love and that he just cares about you.
I got transfer calls today! I'm staying in Founders Park!!!! Whoooo! We just started enforcing so much stuff like real time correlation it's going to be awesome so I was hoping that I would stay to start it off, then I could leave you know?.. 
Anyway so that's the fun stuff that's been happening for me.

I love you mom, have a great week. Keep a smile on your face Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes

                                                    Photos Elder Kremer sent today.