Friday, February 20, 2015

Mission XP - 27 October 2014

HEY! Almost one month out and I'm super excited! This week was awesome! So we have been teaching the Lee's niece. Her name is Alivia she's 18 and she is pretty much a golden investigator. She's been doing alot of research on the gospel but she was reading from books with some truth and mostly lies. The cool thing is she new which parts were true obviously because of the Holy Ghost. Anyway, the first lesson we had with her was on the restoration and she believed that she had a few questions that we cleared up pretty smoothly, the next lesson was on the plan of salvation but it was kind of a disaster she had what seemed like a hundred questions that just went everywhere and she didn't really like the concept of the atonement she didn't like the idea of not being responsible for what you did and Jesus taking on that pain. I was just trying to explain it we all did and we thought she finally understood it until she said she didn't want the atonement. the mood just totally changed and the thing is she didn't say that in a bad way she is a really awesome person who is humble and believes in Heavenly Father and everything we've discussed with her on the Book of Mormon you had to be there to understand how she was saying it. Anyway she said it and after about 30 minutes talking about that we got back to the plan of salvation. When we left Elder Needs was just down because things had been going great and then this and it took him a couple days to get out of it but he did just in time because we had another discussion planned for yesterday and yesterday morning during comp. (companionship study) We prayed about what we should teach her and after the prayer Elder Needs just said he had a feeling we should teach her about the Holy Ghost and the importance of it and that made so much sense to me she has so many questions that we can't answer but hey there's this crazy thing called the Holy Ghost that can so we role played kind of the outline of what we would do (by the way I'm getting really good at leading the discussions that is something I've been doing more and getting better at it) so we got to the Gibsons which is her friends parents house, they are members. So we are teaching Alivia with two sets of parents and two daughters which was just a little terrifying at first but when we started talking I just tunnel visioned on her for the beginning and niether of us can really remember what we said but I do know everything we said she was receiving perfectly. she had a question on why some people wouldn't get the Holy Ghost or feel it and I just started talking its no joke when I say I had no idea where I was going with it and I can remember that I had no idea what to say to that but I started talking and it was so cool because everything I was saying was coming back to me just like in John 14:26 and you'll never guess what she said after the discussion...she said, "thats exactly what I needed to hear," and we extended the baptism invitation and she said yes no actually she told us she wanted to be baptised and we asked her how 11/28 said and we found out she was planning on going back home then. She was literally looking for plane tickets to go back to kentucky and we all think she needs to stay hear a little longer and she thinks that to. So many amazing things happened yesterday so many things where said that were prompted and unplanned and it was just perfect. I love it I love how when you really pray for someone and you love who you teach and you truly only teach them and not the lessons the Holy Ghost helps you say exactly what needs to be said.   

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