Friday, February 20, 2015

Mission XP - 26 January 2015

So I was in a sacrament meeting yesterday and there was a sister giving her farewell talk and it was so cool because she said she left for two years and wasn't going to go on a mission but then she really felt she needed to (it was a really good experience) so she came home and put in her papers and she just reminded me so much of Erika...I was gonna cry :) I'm so proud of you Erika. So this week there were so many miracles. We picked up three new investigators and put one on date and her parents are less active but working on becoming active. We were able to set up a couple of appointments with people that we thought we would never be able to talk to. It was pretty awesome, and a great reminder to always have a constant prayer in your heart. Some times you are going to get opportunities to share the gospel or just talk to someone and your not always going to have time to kneel and say a prayer which is why we need to always stay close to our Heavenly Father and no matter what happens follow what he has given us. The closer we stay to Him the faster we will be able to access and create a spiritual environment and having the spirit with US is the only way THEY are going to be able to learn and know what you teach is true. I love you guys. I can't believe I've already been out 4 months.

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