Friday, February 20, 2015

First Baptism! - 13 December 2014

So triston is my first baptism! It was super awesome. He started off just asking a couple questions at dinner one night and from them he has just grown so much. He truly believes and loves what the Savior has done for us. His whole life he has wanted to help people, he and his girlfriend have been trying to go downtown and just hand out alot of hamburgers to the homeless. It's really cool. Our last lesson with him he said that he had decided to go on a mission. We had been talking about it a couple times. After his confirmation he said, "one year and then I'll be out on my mission" it is super cool. The tie I'm wearing in the last picture is my confirmation tie. Oh yea also I got to do my first confirmation! It was awesome! OK in the middle picture the left missionary, Elder Needs, he was my first trainer. He was at the baptism because we started teaching Triston together.  Anyway you guys are awesome! I miss y'all.  MORMON.  KNOW IT. LIVE IT. LOVE IT.

Tristan is the young man on the right.

The missionary kneeling, Elder Scarlett, is my companion 
right now and my second half trainer. 

Elder Scarlett and the sister missionary in the red jacket are actually 
from the same area and came out the same time.

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