Friday, February 20, 2015

Mission XP - 1st monday in his first area 14 October 2014

Everything is awesome! OK so I got out here Wednesday and after all the new missionaries went through a couple small info sessions we got our new companions. Elder Needs (District ldr) and Elder Collins are my two companions. They've been out about 17-18 months each and neither of them have been in a tripanionship which is kind of funny because I was in one in the MTC so a trio is all I know haha anyway we started teaching right away and it was awesome! I didn't have a problem teaching like I though I would it's been going so smooth. Elder needs starts it off then we just talk about one thing and set it up for the next one to take it way. IT's so amazing and we aren't just teaching the lessons we ask aseveral questions to get them involved and bring out a little of there testimony then we just feed off of what they feel It's amazing how the Holy Ghost works in different people. Chris is an amazing person. He is a non-member but how he sees everything is so different and spectacular he believes everything we are teaching him and apparently he had a baptism date for this Saturday. He has a son with his girlfriend and Elder Needs thought he was married but we taught him the law of chstity and the word of wisdom and we found out he wasn't because he asked us a couple questions starting with "my partner or my partner and I" he's accepted the word of wisdom and is going to live it. He has no problem with that, he meditates and know beverages like that make you not be able to think right and he has even added sugar to that but the more impresive thing is he is going to talk to his girlfriend about getting married which he feels she wants to and he knows that Heavenly Father really does want him to live fully of the law of chastity so he said, "I'll do whatever the lord wants me too." Reminds you a little of Nephi right? Anyway there are more investigators and less actives and just so many and I love all of them so much. I came out here already set in mind that no matter what I was going to love everyone but I dont even have to force it I just love everyone so much anyway. You know what is crazy though is when we knocked on a return missionaries house who fell away from the church and is now a Jehovah's Witness when we left we were just like what? Really? uhggh it doesn't make sense.  I can't wait for a door to be slammed in my face though! For some reason I want that to happen just once so I can laugh. Anyway, I love you all and I miss you guys!

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