Friday, February 20, 2015

Mission XP - 20 October 2014

MIRACLE TIME! This is super awesome. Friday evening we felt like we had wasted time. We had only been to two houses in two hours and were just talking to the families. So we got into the car and agreed that we needed to pray for forgiveness and ask for guidance on how we could better spend our time. I think we only had thirty minutes before we needed to be home but that's not the important part. The important part is when we were planning for Saturday. First we prayed, and we didn't know what to do from 1p.m-2p.m so I was thinking hard and this was the first time I actually helped with the planning, for the last week I was just seeing what they did, anyway, so I said let's go knock on doors. It was kind of weird because in Utah you barely ever just knock on doors but I said it anyway and Elder Needs told me to pick the ward area we would do it in because he already knew the areas and he didn't want that to get in the way of where we needed to go. So I thought about it and I said we should go to the second ward. I had no idea who was in the second ward. So Saturday came and so did the miracle. we had planned on going through 3 to 4 streets in and hour, it seemed reasonable. Well, on the first street we hit 3 members and 1 non member who so politely said we're not Mormons and we're not gonna be. (I was hoping for a door slam, no such luck) them we got to the fifth house. Her name is Sharry and many a missionaries have come to her door to try to get her to come back to church. She is active and lives the commandment, well all except keeping the Sabbath day holy, anyway for some reason she let us in we talked a little while and I shared with her the importance of Sacrament. The covenants. So because she is an active member minus church I went off sacrement and how she doesnt get to take it not being there and all so I offered for us to bring it to her which I don't think we are aloud to actually do but I was just saying it, it's what I felt needed to be said. and that opened her up. She asked three huge questions that really makes us think she's going to start comming to church again. Also, I forgot to mention that while we were at her house Leroy (an investigator we haven't been able to contact) showed up at her house to cut down a tree for her. They knew each other! They work together and we taught them both at the same time Saturday and got an appointment for next Saturday to teach them at Leroy's house. It was awesome because Leroy was telling Sharry she should go to church and said he'd go if she did and in our heads Elder Needs, Collins, and I were just cheering like woooh yea Leroy who just so happens to be a close friend of Sharry's tell her she should go to church! Any way that was the last house we were able to go to during that hour but it was obviously where we needed to be.

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