Friday, February 20, 2015

Mission XP - 24 November 2014

Hey everyone! We had transfers Wednesday. Elder Needs is gone now in Kurrens and I was sad but my new companion, Elder Scarlett, is pretty awesome and is bringing alot of new ideas, that have been working, to the table. Elder Needs and I had alot of the same ideas and ways of teaching so it's actually very nice to have something totally new helping me. We got a referral Thursday from a R.S.M. she got back from her mission about a year ago and she has been talking to her sister in law about the gospel and she has been going to church and it's just been awesome! We had a great first lesson with her. we challenged her to pray in our next lesson because we had asked her to the first lesson and she said she didn't feel comfortable so we challenged her to pray out loud with her husband to prepare for when we asked again and she did. She didn't except out invitation to be baptized but she will soon we can feel it. She is stuck on not knowing enough right now, which is understandable, but you never know enough. It's just an exercise of faith and that what we told her but she is super excited for out next meetings this week. Yesterday, Sunday, was the first Sunday we had to go home and get something and since we were there we had a quick bite to eat. We had a lesson with Triston, who is going to be baptized 12-13-14 and after the lesson they fed us lunch. so first Sunday eating lunch and we ended up having two lunches. But wait there's more. We also had our regular dinner appointment and right after that the Lee's, who are fellowshipping Alivia, who I think i've mentioned before, fed us dinner. we already knew that was going to happen. I felt like a hobbit except they still eat more. the awesome funny not so funny thing though is earlier that week I was telling Elder Scarlett that I didn't like fish or at least I hadn't last time I tried it but that was a while ago so next time someone asked if we wanted fish I was going to say absolutley, because sometimes they ask us what we like and don't like. Well with out knowing that both families we ate with served fish. Fish and Salmon haha double dose. I actually liked it though so hey...something new! anyway, I still miss all of you guys. Time is just flying by. The day after Christmas will be my three month mark, how crazy is that. see ya'll next week.

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