Friday, April 3, 2015

Mission XP - 30 March 2015

Mom - I love you too! And I can feel every prayer that comes my way and I hope you know I pray for both of you everyday for joy, for peace, for success in what you are doing. Because believe me those seminary students are going to look back on what they have learned at some point and they will be very thankful that they had a teacher who loved them and cared for them and most importantly knew how vital there relationship with there Heavenly Father is.
Also, are you guys going to cassandra's wedding...oh man that feels so weird to type. Her wedding. I'm really disappointed that I'm not going to be there. Please, if you do go, record it all and send it to me I wouldn't want to miss it. Although they chose probably the best month to get married in. They just should have changed the date to the 29th Winking face

Dad -I didn't even know you still had your diesel haha I thought you had to sell it but it's awesome that you do have it.  I'm very glad to hear that you all are doing well.

I miss you all loads. Lots of talk on family has been coming up and it made me think of you guys a lot. Oh I don't know if it was just in the stake I'm in or everywhere, but there was this one and a half hour long, I'll call it seminar for lack of a better word, for the youth and parents about pornography. We weren't able to go due to work, however, I heard it was amazing, inspirational, and loaded with the spirit. If you guys ever get a chance to go to one near you even though your empty nesters you should go.

On that note here was my week!
Another really great week. Another really fast week, however, very memorable. I don't think you can easily forget those you meet while on you mission. And I have met some very amazing people on of whom I was able to get acquainted with just last night. His name is Anthony and wow, what an example he is. So many trials in his family, in his life, and just the happiest person ever. He has a tremendous amount of faith, hope, and desire. He has wanted to be baptized since he was 16 and his father wouldn't let him but he pushed onward and kept going to church and exercised patience and now he can be baptized. I wish you could have felt the spirit there through the lesson with him and his friends. And his excitement when we set his baptismal date. We have talked about what true joy is and what brings it about and hat was some true joy and just amazing.

It was a very busy week also. Lots of appointments but also a lot of finding opportunities. We did a lot more of opening our mouths and just really talking to the people on the streets. Following prom rings of where we need to go this week more than I feel we were before. And following Elder Celis's promptings we found an investigator. That experience was pretty cool. He was just sitting on his porch and we were riding up the sidewalk. We thought he was less active so elder Celis asked if I could get some practice since I was still pretty new which 6 months isn't to new but I definitely could always use more practice and so I started talking to him about families and the restoration trying to get his views and experiences from what we were talking about and elder Celis was on the phone which later I found out he was talking to the bishop and it turns out the guy wasn't a less active he was a non member and we got a return appointment with him. What an awesome miracle!

In studies I found myself actually drifting a lot and getting pretty side tracked. But I was reading my missionary purpose and I guess what I would say I learned or really just reemphasized on this week was staying focused. I know how important studies are. They help you a lot but more than that I find that they are most of the time exactly what I needed to study that day because it's exactly what someone needed to understand and I can explain it more clearly because I've just re taught myself it that morning. Therefore it is exceedingly important to effectively use our study time which we have been given. Who would want to take the chance on missing inspiration that comes from it? This is what I learned this week so I am going to apply this daily.

I love you guys a lot and I really miss you

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