Monday, March 23, 2015

Mission XP - 23 March 2015

I bet I can 1 up your story like dad used to always 1 up mine. I'm not going to tell you the story because I'm going to save it for when I give a talk at home but I crashed into a wall Tuesday and I tied the story very well into the light of Christ when I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday.  It was pretty fun and I made the whole congregation laugh at something I said that wasn't even planned just my natural funny self. And I know saying I'm funny makes me not funny so just disregard that. I think it's great that you and Kristina got to go bowling and I apologize...I didn't even know your birthday was this month nor do I know dads. Soo...Happy Birthday! I told my companion I was just going to say that I remembered but I couldn't say it until Monday but I figured you'd know I had forgotten. Anyway this is what happened this week...

This week was another great week for Elder Celis and I. Early on in the week and throughout the week we were able to help Eduardo ( an investigator ) and his family pack up everything so they could move to Mexico. I was very sad to hear that they were leaving he has gotten really close to baptism. He understands a lot of what we teach him and believes most of it the thing that holds him back though is his wife and the fact that she is Catholic and her family is Catholic and he says he just doesn't want to take the chance of any arguments. I totally understand that, I'm just saddened because I know his potential and what blessings he could receive by learning, accepting, and applying the gospel to his life.

We were able to teach a few of our investigators this week which was as usual pretty awesome. I love seeing them grow as they learn new things. And we did pick up a new investigator Annie we just hope to be able to start teaching her father soon. And as for the rest of the week we prayed and looked but we weren't able to find anyone this week. However, we do have a lesson with a family of four that we were able to set up for the week after next which I find as a miracle in and of itself because we are never able to even get the door open with this family.

I learned quiet a bit from studies this week. Mainly from the white handbook small things I didn't catch before or fully understand. I also learned on exchanges that I need to testify more no matter what and that I need to speak more by finding something simple to talk about. Elder Dean was pretty darn good at that but I really need to work on it more. 

I've found Elder Celis and my unity have grown stronger over the past 5 and a half weeks. I know that it's mainly from us actually have a lot of lessons to teach together and work on our unity but I also know that it's from companionship inventories and helping each other with goals and things we ( I ) need to improve on. 

I've learned a lot and am excited to continue learning and I love my mission SALT LAKE CITY SOUTH!
And I love you guys have a great week!

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