Monday, April 27, 2015

Mission XP - 27 April 2015 - Week of 19th Birthday email

Thank you! And it is a bit weird that I'm not home for my birthday, however their are some great families out here who have made Elder Cellis and I feel at home during our birthdays. One of those families are making spicy lasagna on Wednesday! I'm pretty excited for that. And yes, I figured since the bike would be expensive it would be best if I got it at least close to my birthday that way you wouldn't have to worry about getting me anything..but you did and thank you.

I'm really proud of you and your bowling news...too bad I can't practice because now when I get home you are going to destroy me...your going to destroy all of us .

I can't wait to see the flower bed. As for the trees I think if he gets two you should make them look like some kind of entry for something. Or you know like on both sides of the house or beside the house where it's inconvenient to mow anyway so you just have to weed eat. Maybe back where the small lawn mowing shed is you could plant them in front of but along the fence.  Orrrr you know what you should do if you plan on living in that house for the rest of your lives. Save up for a fountain in the middle of the front lawn then plant the peach trees to the left and right of it then plant flowers in a color coordinated pattern from one tree to the other in a u shape around the fountain...that would be sickDouble exclamation mark I like my last idea the most   

This week was slow which made it, I think that much better because since I came out week after week has been too fast. 

Anthony is getting baptized next week! We also had a pretty cool miracle in which one of the bishops put someone on date for us.. it was pretty amazing. 

I learned a bit in studies this week. I think the thing that stood out to me the most was when I was reading in preach m gospel, I was studying the third lesson(the gospel of Jesus Christ) and I came across "the light of Christ" in the receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost section. I realized that I had been forgetting to explain in my recent lessons that we all have the light of Christ, that we have the opportunity to receive the light of Christ before we are baptized. So I'm going to apply teaching that from now on. I forget how easy it is to remember everything we need to teach in each lesson but that's why it's so important to constantly study it.

I love you guys give my love to nana and then take away her cane 
                     Dirt storm - Daybreak       Dirt storm  - Daybreak         Dirt storm - Daybreak
Smiling Face with Horns

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