Friday, April 10, 2015

Mission XP - 6 April 2015

More often I look back on seminary now that you are a seminary teacher but I usually think back on when Brother Phillips taught us. He was amazing and really knew how to get your attention and help you learn. And of course I remember dad talking about his mission companions and I hope that I will be able to stay in touch with mine when I get off my mission.

My week was slow but pretty good anyway. We didn't find any knew investigators but we sure as heck planted seeds. We had a lesson with someone who asked to learn about the gospel yesterday but unfortunately as we were leaving a family to go to that appointment, someone on the opposite side of the apartment building we were at collapsed. So we and Sister Morello and her boys called the police. They dispatched the paramedics and firemen out. Man...when I saw the firemen I just thought of dad and I was really happy. I almost felt as if I was at a scene with him just watching from the background. I think that's the first time I felt homesick. I really love you guys and miss you a lot.

And oh boy conference! It was amazing there were a lot of really good speakers and talks (that I haven't even heard from before).  But the one that was closest to my heart was that of the prodigal son. 

I love you guys and hope this letter gets to you well 

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