Monday, April 27, 2015

Mission XP - 20 April 2015

Hey mom I'm glad your doing well and having fun! 
Seminary... Yes, seminary did help me prepare for my mission. Four years of waking up
early to study the scriptures for an hour every day..sound familiar. Yes, so that alone helped prepare me for waking up and studying because let's face it my personal studying wasn't the best. Aside from that we have the scriptures that we memorize. I'd say I find myself quoting along with them a lot or at least the ones I remember and I use them sometimes too. I'd definitely advise the youth to actually memorize them and not speed memorize them where you forget them the next week. I know Tori did the best with that and some others but
still I did the worst every year because I didn't actually put them in my brain which is the purpose of scripture mastery. Elder Celis said it helped him with scriptures and they role played because they were supposed to do something missionary minded every day. As for the week, the week was good and it became great towards the end. We had several appointments planned throughout the week several of which we got calls asking to postpone them due to weather. Which I'm very thankful for. However we did get several lessons in last night and a couple in on Saturday. Hayden fell off date but I'm not worried I know he is almost ready. We have Anthony on date too and I really love his faith and determination to be baptized. He brings me a lot of
hope and joy.
 We were on foot for three days due to the surprise weather and it was actually kind of fun. Elder cells and I got to talk a bit which is pretty impossible on bikes.

 All in all a pretty good week but it could always be better.
 Have a great week! I love you guys

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