Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mission XP -13 April 2015

Our investigators are doing good, we only have four progressing and two truly progressing. We are kind of teaching the preacher still but it's been difficult trying to find a good time. 

Another great week. Well it was slow with lessons but we had some pretty amazing miracles. One of our ward mission leaders has been pushing the 21 day promise and he has also been working with us a lot. It has been amazing as we have gone to several people and two of them, less active, said we've been waiting for you. Wow! That really boosted me up. Not only that though, we also contacted a referral that Elder Celis got a while ago and it was amazing. The lady got to the glass door and said, " here we go " which I totally thought meant oh my gosh not the missionaries again. However, when she opened the door man, I think she started crying. She said she new why we were here and she had been waiting for us and that she was ready but her husband would be totally against it. But we have an appointment with her this week. I'm really excited for her. 

Studies were great this week. I used a lot of the time preparing for a talk for a ward but I'm not going to lie, I didn't use any of it and went a whole different way but I was pretty proud of myself. I gave a fifteen minute talk and I've never done that before. I feel so much more confident now with giving talks. 

Oh and I fractured my thumb, but a whole lot of blessings because I didn't break my hand or foot. 

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