Monday, May 30, 2016

Mission XP - 30 May 2016

Hey everyone! 
Awesome week! Awesome transfer! So many miracles. I wrote this yesterday morning but last night I felt the spirit strongly from a new investigator. I'll send that later today or next week.
I wanted to start off by saying I'm so glad I'm in this area with Elder Ray. This area is so busy, I'm so excited for the work here, and Elder Ray is an amazing missionary. I feel like I'm being trained haha. He is a natural leader and missionary.
This week was also very good. We picked up three new investigators, but we won't be able to meet with two of them until next week.  We went on splits earlier this week and I went to an investigators that was strugling. I
love when I go on splits to go to a lesson because every time in my mission that I've been in a situation were i have to teach alone is when I've been able to feel and follow the guidance of the spirit the most. I can't depend on anyone else and I am not a very good teacher by myself. When I went to our appointment the plan was to figure out were she was. She'd met with missionaries several times before and had been taught everything alot. This made it difficult but as we got to that part it was also the time when I started feeling the spirit start teaching and asking questions. I could see her countenance changing slightly as she felt the spirit. It was awesome! Then when the time came the invitation to follow the example of Jesus Christ was extended and she said yes. She is on date for the 18th. She wants to be baptized but she feels like she's been taught everything and her husband
(member) and his parents can get her there. So that's were we are. But I feel she will be solidified.
 Studies have been good too. They've mostly been focused on our investigators and less acitves but in companionship study I've been working on more effective o.y.m's and being led by the spirit with them.

My love to you all, keep being awesome!

Elder Kremer

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