Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mission XP - 8 June 2016

Elder Ray and I are doing great! We get along well and we have been doing really good with being exactly obedient. When ever we see something even if its small we just bring it up on the spot and work on it. It's been going great. I definitley have that rekindled fire since the moment I came into this area. The last bit of my mission is going to be amazing.

This week was really good. We were extremley blessed to be able to be lead so much to people who we needed to talk to. Two miracles stuck out to me this week. Both occurred on saturday. The first was after we had been trying to contact a potentual investigator. Across from were we were their was an older man in a wheelchair talking to a lady. As we knocked, he lady left and went up to her apartment. No one answered to door for us so we got to our bikes and were heading out when the man started calling out the lady's name while looking at her balcony. I felt the small urge to stop and ask him if hed like me to go up and knock on his door and he replied, "sure if youd like" as i was knocking i could see my companion and he was talking to the man but I could exactly hear what he was saying so i didnt know what they talked about. The lady didnt answer her door so she was probably busy. I came down and he thanked me and i asked what he needed her for and he said he was trying to give her some medicine for her headache. Rig before we were going to leave i asked if we could do anythinfor them. He said no, then he said we are members we just dont go to church. I could see the image in my head..our legs going over our bikes, him stating that he's not active, our legs comming back over our bikes almost on cue and asking questions. He shared some deep stuff of why he stopped going to church. Really sad stuff i couldnt believe happened but hes going to to the bishop here and we are going to stop by him often to strengthen him.

The other cool miracle was also on saturday. It was later on in the evening. Elder Ray and I were stopping by Chris, one of our investigators, I dont know if I've said much about him. He is making such amazing progress. He detoxed of some heavy drugs and he is also kind of homeless but an awesome less active member is letting Chris
stay with them. He happens to live in an apartment right above and across from his brother and sister in law. His brother is also not a member and his sister in law is a little less active. Anyway, as we were getting off our bikes to visit Chris his brother and sister in law came out and as they were passing us the sister in law asked us what time church met. We told them then we asked them if we could stop by later that night to share a message with them. We knew the brother was a nonmember. They said we could come by around 7. When we came by we planned on sharing the plan of salvation but as we did "how to begin teaching we relized that we needed to share the restoration. We found out that he had met with missionaries before and when they had invited him to be baptized he had said no. Elder Ray prayed then I did something we call "60 seconds of power" which is where we state our purpose, state bullet point number 10, "As you accept our message, you will learn how to make covenants, or promises, with God. You will learn how to make changes to bring your lives in closer harmony with
His teachings. You will want to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and be baptized by proper authority" then promise blessings. And we teach from thier. After we shared joseph smihs first vision we did what we call "60 seconds of reflection" which is pretty much helping them feel and recognize the holy ghost. When we invited him to be baptized he said yes! He did have a concern we were able to resolve but he is on date for the 25 of june XD after the lesson Elder Ray told me that they had seen him before but when they asked to come by and share a message he said no.

For me this was an amazing learning opprotunity on why it is so important that we as missionaries and members should always invite. Heavenly Father knows when people are ready. He knows when their hearts have been soften or they have been humbled and are willing to make changes in thier lives. Once they are ready that's were we come in. Everyday there is someone we could influence and bring the spirit to. You dont know why you might go somewere or why your car may break down or why something that is unexpected might happen to you. I urge you to make it a priority to seek those who do not yet have the gospel in thier lives or are living under thier privileges. As disciples of Christ who have already seen and felt the blessings that come from living the gospel we should be doing everyhting we can to be finding those who are ready. Start praying everyday for the opportunity to find "the one" then seek them out. Spark a conversation with those you come in contact with. Do not be afraid to bring up religion or the gospel. When someone asks how your week was share how your Sabbath went, how you saw a prayer answered, how your family blessed your life this week. Always seek "the one". I know you will feel the holy ghost stronger. You will be able to see the change in someones life who is accepting the gopel. You will feel joy beyond any joy you've felt physically serving someone because youll relize you are blessing someone spiritually and you are helping them receive eternal salvation. What a blessing it will be when you reunite with those in heaven that you have touched here on earth.

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Kremer

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