Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mission XP - 25 January 2016 WOW!

I can't believe you guys got snow...6 inches...wow Hey sorry this letter is short. We moved houses today. The last two
weeks have been crazy. I started this transfer covering the Midas Creek Stake and the Country Crossing Stake with Elder Bouchilon. Then the first Friday there was an emergency transfer and one of the Elders in Parkway Stake had to go home for an injury or something so we got Elder Jensen and a third stake...and a CAR! Then last Monday we got another call from the A.P's dealing with another emergency transfer and Elder Jensen got moved somewhere in West Jordan and we kept all three stakes. Today we moved from our house in Country Crossing to the house missionaries were living in before in parkway stake. We moved because the lady who lives in the Parkway house is very elderly and needs missionaries more. This week was so good! We had a lesson with Nikki who wants to be baptized in February. We actually had two lesson because today we stopped by and gave her boyfriend (who is being reactivated) a blessing and then shared a message with them. We've been organizing how we are working in 3 stakes and we are less stressed out then we were haha. We've been trying to contact soo many referals and potential investigators. Our companionship goal is within the next two weeks contact all our referals and potential investigators and return and report and we know that as we do that we are going to find at least 4new investigators not within the same family. We put a lot of prayer into the most effective way to get the work rolling and there are so many referals in our notes. We had a really awesome miracle in our work Thursday. We were on a real time coordination with a Ward mission leader and we stopped by Justina's house (Less active member) as we talked to her she said she didn't believe in the Book of Mormon...but that she hadn't read it. We testified of it, talked, testified again, talked and finally after the third testimony/invitation she said, "I know I need to . . .  I'll start reading it this week" then she said that she had a non member husband and two nonmember children that she wants to get baptized and that the husband has mentioned meeting with us! It was amazing!
In studies I've really been applying the Book of Mormon to my life. As Elder Bouchilon and I had the opportunity to give talks today about that. It was so good.

Love you mom,
Elder Kremer

There was a world wide mission conference held in Utah and all of the Utah missions got to attend in person. Elder Bednar was there, so was Elder Oaks, Elder Nelson, and one of the new apostles and it was very good. I don't know if you guys can watch it on Mormon .org or lds.org and I know it is applying to the full time missionaries but I feel it applies to member missionaries as well.
Love you guys!

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