Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mission XP - 8 February - last week and this week

Hey mom! 

Last week was so good. We went by so many potential investigators and
referrals and we are doing almost everything we can but very few people
have been home so we've only contacted a couple. We are going to do continuous planning this week to help us with that problem and really apply "finding the one" this week. We know that we are going to find the people that we are here to find this week . . . or at least it will be the beginning of it.
Last Sunday we witnessed the miracle of true desire, faith, repentance. Nikki, our investigator in the Country Crossing stake is preparing to be baptized on February 6th. Her faith hasn't wavered once. She is getting baptized. She cut back from 15 cigarettes to 3 cigarettes in one day and today only one. We got her cinnamon jolly ranchers and gum to help them. 

Elder Bouchilon  and I have been progressively figuring out how to be effective in three stakes and we have gone through a week and a half of trial and error but we feel really good about the revelation that we're receiving.

This week was also so good! After we had our interviews Elder Bouchilon and I repented and the next day we saw the coolest miracle come from obedience and trust. About two nights ago we were trying to contact a referral that we had recieved for Tom. Now I had put Tom in the area book plans for last Friday about two weeks ago. I can't remember why I just got this impression to. Well, at first we couldn't find were he lived. On our maps it had a similar street but not the exact one we were looking for so we went to that street and looked for the address. Eventually we found the house with the correct address and realized we had walked onto the right street, so we knocked on the door. Tom wasn't there but his friend who was visiting was. We talked to him and found out he was a less active member and he had several questions. Elder Bouchilon  asked him what one of them was. He gave a really good question and Elder Bouchilon answered splendidly. Right,
and I mean exactly when we finished talking to him, a lady came around the corner. So, naturally, we talked to her. We found out that she was visiting her friend also. When we asked her if she knew anyone she said no. So then we asked if she knew anyone who would know anyone that we could share a message with and she pointed at a house on the corner and said their were some people there that should know people. So we knocked and there were to sisters there who we found were going to Y.S.A.  and one of their boyfriends were there. As we talked we asked if they knew any non members that we could share our message with. They both immediately pointed at the guy there. He was studying for his L.S.A.T. but we set up an appointment with him this friday!

Love you

Elder Kremer

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