Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mission XP - 6 July 2015

Well I was writing a letter but I'll just email it. I stayed in
founders park so by the end of this transfer I'll have been here for
six months. I'll also pass my ninth and tenth month mark in this
transfer. I've already passed ninth. My new companion is Elder Heath. He
is pretty awesome and still has fire burning even though he is
dieing...I mean I'm killing him...I mean he's going home so I only get
one transfer. Yay😕 back to one companion a transfer. He is also into
working out which I was too until I came to founders park and got sick,
then fractured my thumb, then broke my pinkie, but I've started again
and together we have a small gym. Anyway, we haven't had a new
investigator since Pedro, who cancelled our lesson at temple square
because he had to work.  He did not get baptized on the fourth but
we kind of saw that coming. His girlfriend is a R.M heck the house
hold is full of R.M's but no baptism but it'll get there.

This week was good. We didn't find any new investigators but we sure
have talked to loads of people. We both have a good feeling about this week.

We had a crazy amazing zone conference last Thursday super spiritual
and very . . . enlightening to say the least but more about that in a

Love you guys have a great and spiritual week

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