Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mission XP - 20 July 2015

Exchanges were awesome this week. I went with Elder Gutierrez and we taught three lessons and knocked on several doors making appointments with at least two of them. Less actives if I remember correctly. It would be so nice if we could start every week with the temple but nevertheless it was exactly what I needed and as usual it was such an amazing experience. We had two lessons with our investigator Andrew this week. The first we just continued answering his questions and the last we taught the restoration and it was a really great lesson. The next lesson we are going to commit him to baptism because honestly he has a few hold ups but I really believe that if he could just understand that he just needs to rely on the lord and actually pray he would  know that he should be baptized. It's frustrating sometimes you know? He's researching, he's reading, he's going to church, but the one thing he isn't doing is praying...but we taught praying very good Friday so he should pray and find out.
MIRACLE!!!!!!! We were in a meeting today and at the end the gentleman in front of us turned around and said his nephew was calling his mom at that moment to ask if he could take the missionary discussions and he asked if we could give them to him so naturally we said, "oh..you want to take lessons and be baptized...let's see...no,no I don't think we can do that. Sorry" haha 
But seriously that was a huge miracle and I'm not saying that this was why but I had been asking to find people as we walked and sought referrals and just the other day I started praying for someone who was ready to find us, like I'd heard someone had done when I first came out. So that was just an awesome prayer experience - cherry on top. :)

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