Monday, June 29, 2015

Mission XP - 29 June 2015

All we can do anyway is hold to our beliefs and share them with everyone but nothing we do or say will change it. We just need to be patient and while we're being patient we just need to continue following the commandments. It's frustrating, and when we as missionaries talk about prophets, we use the phrase God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow this is just further proving that we are the only true church. I don't recall any prophets even in the bible, for those Catholics, saying oh and by the way - why don't you just marry whoever the heck you want and procreate...oh wait a second you can't bring others to earth and fulfill God's great plan of happiness if your having sex with the same gender...

Anyway people just don't make sense.. But aside from that, my week has been pretty good, we've contacted a few of the referrals we'd gotten our first week together and we got a couple lessons set up for this week which is awesome. We don't really know the people's status we just had a good conversation with them and asked to come back. I'm pretty sure one is a less active and she writes books and screen plays which was pretty cool. Pedro, who is our investigator who is on date, is going to get baptized on the 4th of July if everything goes well. We have a lesson with him on Friday at temple square with him and his girlfriend. She is actually holding him back just a bit but anyway Pedro is awesome and really wants to be baptized so that's what we are excited for.

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