Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mission XP - 14 July 2015

My finger is fine and pretty much healed with just a slight deformation that you can only see on X-ray. Thats very exciting about the primary I'll look forward to reading those letters. Oh and I'm sending you guys one sometime this week. 

So those two sisters went the temple for the first time to be endowed? That's pretty awesome. There are quite a few young men and women who are about to go on missions and go though the temple here. We tracked into one yesterday and had a good conversation about what it's like and if it's hard to transition into being a missionary.

This week was pretty darn amazing. We opened our mouth to everyone we saw and most said no thanks, or we're members but at the very least we had good conversations and gained more member trust. I gave a small lesson on conversion through the Book of Mormon and that went ok, the lesson was good -I just need to get better at smooth transitions I guess. I lost my train of thought once or twice so I apologized to Elder Montgomery for that.
We picked up a new investigator and a lot of him seemed prepared. He goes to church and prays and he even reads but he's got a few questions we are trying to help him get answers to and his biggest concern is if he becomes a member his whole family won't be able to attend his actual wedding. 
We also have two appointments set up this week with very potential investigators one of which will be today...yay!
We had exchanges yesterday and that was a great experience because we had three lessons and even though Elder Gutierrez and I have never worked together, we still had pretty good unity especially our first lesson about he gospel of Jesus Christ, so I thought that was awesome. 

I hope this finds y'all in health I love you guys very much

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