Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mission XP - 8 June (Kristina's 1 yr. Anniversary)

That looks really nice. It's ok you didn't freak me out. I'd like driving home it would give me more time to sleep haha.
Wow! everything is going by so fast anniversaries and new marriages- dang. Aren't you scared for when I get home? lol jk anyway,
This week, I think the best/most confusing thing that happened was that we started teaching Pedro, who is on date, with the Spanish missionaries. I don't know, I guess he is going to the English ward but wants to learn in Spanish so we're just going with it. It was a great first lesson with him. They were on lesson five and he had a few questions about positions in the church and we made sure he understood that he would be getting a calling so he wouldn't be frightened when he got one and it wouldn't be unsuspecting.
I have just been reading in Mosiah. It's my favorite book especially since there is so much about service in the first few chapters but also every time I read it I just feel something strong.

I love you guys

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