Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mission XP - 16 March 2015

This  week has been pretty darn amazing and full of miracles.  I was able to learn a lot more of my area Friday and Saturday due to exchanges, it was a great learning and bonding experience.  I wanted to tract first but then I thought, I know a few members now and I know where they live so I ended up talking to several members about their neighbors and while I didn't find them from it I did meet new members and now we have more contacts that have friends who aren't members. 

In studies I learned how important it is to help our investigator understand the importance of the covenant they make during baptism. How important it is for them to keep the commitments we give them to prepare them for baptism. I'd learned that before but now I definitely understand it a lot better.  

Elder Celis taught me a very important lesson on patience and understanding and most importantly thinking of how every one else views things. And he taught it to me amazingly.  It was unfortunate that he needed to teach it to me, but was something I pondered on and prayed about so that I could become stronger in those needed areas. 

We finally got to have a lesson with a family we've been trying to meet with since I've been here and I think since Elder Celis has been here.  It went pretty darn good.  We picked them up as new investigators and I see a large amount of potential and growth in them.  They are very receptive and willing to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Some of the ward mission leaders here are very hard working and they come out with us to several of the lessons in their wards and the have such a strong testimony and presence of the spirit with them.  With some of the lessons we had I've actually thought wow that is exactly what our investigator needs what would have happened or wouldn't have happened if we didn't have fellowshipping there.  My testimony on fellowship has grown so much stronger, I've seen the importance of it and it works within the hearts of the members themselves.  I don't ever want to go to a lesson without fellowshipping again for fear of our investigator missing out on something they may very well need. 

                                        I love you guys a lot have a great week!

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