Monday, September 26, 2016

Mission XP - 26 September 2016 Final email of his mission

This letter will be very short. Nowhere near what I'd like since I normally love sharing miracles in detail. Last night we went to bed early so we could wake up earlier this morning for extra meetings. 
Sunday was amazing. We went to Mission Prep at 7:00. I sang Rock of Ages and Elder Costa played the piano at at 9:00 Sacrament meeting. We taught junior primary at 10:25. Then we practiced for another special musical number right after that. We taught junior primary at 11:25. I played piano and played a duet with Elder Costa as he played violin in a 12:25 class. I played piano, Elder Costa played violin, and a less active lady played the
other violin for "The Lord is My Shepherd" in a 1:00 sacrament meeting. So that was our day and it was amazing and we have been busy all day but wow the spirit has been amazing. I wanted to leave my last Sunday with a BANG and I feel it was great!

Normally I would say I hope I don't leave Elder Costa for transfers because I have so much to learn from him... he is amazing...but it won't change transfers so all I can do is take with me what he has taught me and continue to apply it as well as everything else I've learned.

I read "Jesus: The Perfect Leader Today" I think the "our potential" section stood out to me the most. I know I have a lot I just have to continue to improve my prformance even just a little bit. This, of coarse, will happen as I continue to study my scriptures, ready to learn something, pray, and go to church.
Of coarse I invite all of you to do these things to even though they seem simple and small but honestly the first thing we tend to stop doing is reading every single day. Once we stop doing one thing it is so easy to stop doing the rest of them...don't let this happen. Keep your testimony strong! Keep your faith growing! I love each of you.
Have an amazingly wonderfuly awesome week!

Elder Kremer

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