Monday, September 26, 2016

Mission XP - 12 September 2016

So I am sorry I didn't email last week. Tuesday was our preparation day because we went to the temple!!! Which is awesome because I get to go again in a week and a half! Haven't had that since the m.t.c😆
Last Monday we got to participate in something called a temple run. Lols yes I realize that is a game on a phone but that is not what we did. We ran 5 miles from the Ocquirr Mountain Temple to...somewhere else. It was loads of fun. I saw about every missionary I know who is still on thier mission and I saw several of my old companions. And I saw a couple people from previous areas! SISTER HERMANSON!!ELDER BLOCK!!...and others...sorry this is two weeks ago so I can't remember everyone I saw. Anyway once we were done we stayed and talked for a bit Sister Lansing (Mission President's wife) was waiting at the end and taking pictures of all the missionaries when they finished, and then we saw President Lansing run around the corner and a lot of missionaries ran to him to finish with him and then, right out of a classic comedy, he fell just before getting to the finish line. First we made sure he was ok then we laughed a little bit.

Tuesday was preperation day and it was busy but something super exciting happened. We went to a Walmart that is away from our area because we were going to Ross so I could get new shoes and we were in the check out line and I glanced to my right (I've had a couple times when I see someone a recognize but I can't for the life of me remember which stake they were in that I served in but their name... I also usually cant remember) but this time it took me no time to realize that Brother Richeson from my home ward in Tennessee was standing thier! It made my day! It was so good to see him 😱🤗 but it was a little hard cause I couldnt talk very long and share stories cause I knew my comp wanted to do stuff and I wasn't about to talk about home lol but it was
really nice to see a friend of the family. We also went to the temple which is where I learned my temple recommend card had expired...I wouldn't have minded too much because I knew I was foing to the temple again in a week and a half anyway but my companion wouldn't be able to go again for another 3 months. They couldn't contact my Mission President but it all worked out in the end 😉

Wednesday we had an amazing Zone Conference that motivated me alot. And I didn't have to conduct a district meeting! Haha

Thursday and Friday were both full of trying to contact people but not much happened

Saturday my companion went to a Brazilian party all day.

Sunday we went to a Regional Conference wow it was amazing! The third talk was all about missionary work with members and the fourth one somewhat chastised Utah? But it also had alot of love in it. The missionary talk focused on sisters for about five minutes that was super cool cause sisters are awesome!

This was a good week. We went out with Elder Woolums earlier this week and we stopped by a name one of the Bishops had given him of a part member family. So we stopped by and the wife(member) and her daughter
were outside. We talked to them for a little and asked if her husband was home. She said yes then went in the house and asked if he wanted to meet with us and he said sure. We got to know him for a couple minutes but the game was going to be on soon so we shared a brief message about the plan of salvation with him. Testified. Then invited them to read drom the Book of Mormon until our next visit(next week). It was an uplifting opportunity. I'm excited to comtinue teaching him.  Studies also went well. Even though I did not have to prepare for a District Meeting for Tuesday I was studying alot on the Atonement and I feel good about the activity I want to do with my District for District Meeting. I know it will uplift us :)
Elder costa is wonderful. He has been a little sad about not being able to express alot in english but today he got back from the Portuguese party/o.y.m opportunity and was so happy. He talked to so many people and it was mostly in Portuguese and he felt the spirit strong. We were in the car and he said to me (not in a pridefully
way), "Elder today I know I am a good missionary" that made me so happy because I've been trying to tell him that so I said,"I'm glad you can finally see that" I'm so happy for him, he will be so amazing in people lives. He already is but now he knows he can be.

Today we went on a district hike!

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