Friday, August 19, 2016

Mission XP - 1 August 2016 (week of 28th Anniversary)

Good morning my friends!
   This week was awesome! It normally is.

Monday we had p-day. We played risk until two elders quit. Haha in their defence they were the only two who hadn't played before and they kinda didn't defend two well XD once they quit we didn't really have a game anymore so the whole zone played a couple games together. It was real fun. We were playing "I love my missionaries" it's a game were we all sit in chairs and someone stands in the middle. They say "I love my
missionaries" and if what they say next applies to you, you have to sit in a chair that's not near you then whoevers left standing does it again. It's fun. Oh and it was Sister King's birthday and Elder Jiminez's birthdays this week so an Elder got them a cake and then someone said for each of them to take a bite out of their's. I guess this is Spanish tradition because Elder Jiminez's head bobbed to the cake and away so fast you almost missed it but Sister King (called Spanish assignment) didn't know so she went I. For a her companion pushed her face in the cake πŸ˜‚ then we taught a recent convert.

Tuesday we went on exchanges after district meeting. I went with Elder Jiminez into his area. We were trying to find Spanish in one of the previous Stakes I served in but no sucess. I only knew English so we didn't stop by people I knew. We had three lessons and one was in complete Spanish but two understood English so I would teach in English and Elder Jiminez would teach in actually went rather well. This is for one family specific I'm sending this email to but since I was with a Spanish Elder we didn't really visit English members. And it was so hard when the first thing we did on exchanges was drive from Elder Jiminez's house off Redwood, turn right on 98th pass through not one but two Stakes I'd served in previously then turn right on..well I'll say no more but this might look familiar.

My first Stake πŸ˜† and I still knew my way around it thanks to Elder Needs. It felt so good driving through!

Wednesday we were ending exchanges and Elder Jiminez was told me that he wanted this exchange to be to tell me to make sure I teach my companion everything I knew before I went since he was kind enough to remind me how long I had left I let him know that he should hurry up too since he only has three very short weeks left 😜 haha   BOOM take that. We also went out with Ward Mission Leaders and with one of them we set up an appointment for thursday at 6.

Thursday our District Leader came to Candy's house to interview her for baptism. She is super excited. We also taught a new investigator!

Friday was awesome because we taught Candy and in the evening we went to Temple Square with a really cool family!

Saturday was amazing! Candy got baptized! She was so excited and in her own words she said it was so overwhelming. It was greater than any of us said it would be. And we also went to an open house for the
Stake President's daughter.

Sunday Candy got confirmed and Nick came to church with his wife which is going to be rare because she works every Sunday but it was still legit 😎

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