Monday, July 25, 2016

Mission XP - 25 July 2016 The day after Pioneer day

Hey yall!

So this week was a bit slower. We had a former investigator come to church two Sundays ago on her own but when we asked if we could stop by...she said no :( sad days. One day.

Monday was super funn! Elder Cady and I went and kinda just hung out with a super awesome guy for a good bit of the day. Then we went mini golfing with the district. First time ever going mini golfing and it was a BLAST! Half of us hit a golf ball into the water at one time or another lolz.

Tuesday was district meeting. It was fun. We laughed quite a bit more than normal but role-playing was really fun. Oh also we had to call the fire department because of an eletrical fire in the church building we originally went to. Wasn't worried could you be when you've got 12 of the Lord's annointed in the same building. haha XD Then we went downtown. The last two weeks we've ridden tracts downtown and both times we've just had really cool conversations with people or we've been on tracts when someone needed us. I also met a guy who's nephew or son is serving in the Netherlands which is where a friend from my home ward is serving! So that was cool but still not as cool as this one time when I ran into a guy from my home ward building
who was in Utah for school and recognized my face from my missionary plaque πŸ™ƒ we also taught a recent convert and an investigator who is getting baptized on the 30th!!!!

Wednesday we had a slower day. We did teach someone trying to come back to the gospel. He asked us to teach about the eternal principle of repentance. I little but more in depth. But I felt that it ties in with eternal progression. So we taught that. Simple but sweet goodness.

Thursday we had interviews with our new Mission President. I talked to him first then his wife. That was fun. Side story..there is a Spanish Speaking Sister in our District who covers the Spanish Ward in our Stake and is from Memphis, TN. We always get people to dis where the other is from. I talked to a lady who was visiting with the sisters one night so I told her to just casually say Nashville was better. She had a whole week's worth of dinners text us and say Memphis was better. Anyway so at the end of talking to Sister Lansing I saw that the
Sister were next and so I asked if I could make a note on the paper she had with her and next to the Sister's name I wrote, "Say Memphis is ok but Nashville is better"...she did 😜 BOOM! I think I won πŸ˜‡ we also had Jonathan's  baptisimal interview! Of course he did awesome because he is awesome!

Friday was also good but it was the beggining of a pretty stressful weekend. We had weekly planning for two hours. Lunch with our M.L.S. Missionary Couple. Then a lesson. Then we went back to our M.L.S. Missionary Couple' s house to make programs for Jonathan's baptism on the 23rd. I dont want to talk about that. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway because that's what people do when they say "needless to say," but we arranged for the Ward Mission Leaders to take care of the programs from now on like every other stake I've served in does.
Honestly it just wastes time for us..anywho. We also made posters for the church buildings. I haven't had a companion who wanted to do that for ages. The CROWNING events were that we had a lesson with all three
of our investigators who are on date to be baptized!

Saturday we ate breakfast with the Stake President and his family, the Sisters (Spanish), and the Blocks (M.L.S. Missionary Couple). Then we prepared for our baptism at 1:00. Then we had our baptism at 1:00 πŸ€— then we went to a lesson that fell through. Then we lost our phone by leaving it in a members car. Then the car was gone all night so we couldn't get it. Then I got extremley stressed out because, well, missionaries without a cell phone is like (insert good analogy here) so you know how I felt. My poor companion. Anywho...

...Sunday was good also. Oh yea I forgot. On Friday when we met with nick (one of our investigators) we thought he'd fallen off date because he did't go to church two weeks ago...but he DID go! He went with his wife's mom to their church! Small awesome miracle. What else happened on Sunday? We had a lesson with Candy who is getting baptized on the 30th. It was going to be an interview but due to the lack of a communication device our district leader could not find us lol...stress...then at 2:20 we got our phone back! And had 11 missed messages but luckily none of them were of extreme importance.

And that was my week! I hope ya'll had an awesome eventfull week also!

Elder Kremer

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