Friday, August 19, 2016

Mission XP - 15 August 2016

Two weeks ago the awesome miracle that happened was that a ward mission leader and I went out on Wednesday. While we were out we stopped by a house of a lady who often took kids in under her wing who
had been rejected by society or who didn't have a home. She had helped over 8. Well, we were stopping by for a young man about 23 years old. I didn't know him at all but the ward mission leader did. We talked, we taught, it was a great lesson anyway, but the miracle was at the end. We offered to say a closing prayer before we left and the lady asked the ward mission leader to say it. During the prayer he paused slightly then blessed the home that it would be a place where the spirit could dwell and that it could be a place of healing. When he finished he looked up and said that that had never happened to him before. He explained that he had felt prompted two times while praying to dedicate the home but he didn't know if he could during a normal prayer then finally he was prompted a again to do it and so he did. The lady and the 23 year old both felt the spirit because they told us that they had been talking about getting the house blessed but they didn't know how or who to do it. The lady specifically said she wanted it to be a place of healing which are the exact words the ward mission leader used. I know heavenly father loves us. He does have a plan for each of us. He needs each of us to constantly be listening for the promptings of the Holy Ghost. More often than not I've found those promptings (whether or not we understand what we are being asked to do) will lead us to those in need in some way.

This week has also been good. Its been slow but we have seen miracles!

Monday we had a white elephant gift exchange. I almost got some early glasses but alas they were stolen from me :( also please forgive me for using narly I...I don't know what came over me

Tuesday was funn! We did a missionary mutual night with one of our Ward's and the Spanish Sisters were there too and we did this q&a type of deal. The sisters had to leave earlier so we were trying to let them answer as much as they could they answered awesomely and we taught from preach my gospel great. Alot of our answers came from that and personal experiences.

Wednesday and Thursday were both kinda long.

Friday we had lunch with the blocks again! And we broke into the churches with the sisters help...the have keys...for some reason we don't 🙄

Saturday we went to the Stake Center and the Sisters were there singing so we left. We tried to contact all day but it was slow. But we did have a last minute lesson with Kayla and Nick!

Sunday is pretty much were all out lessons and our investigator came from. So Sunday was a very busy day. So many lessons. This next week looks awesome though.

Today. This evening is booked with lessons and we will be meeting with two potentual investigators!

I love you allll so much have an awesome week I know I will🙃

Elder Kremer

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