Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mission XP - 18 July 2016

Oh...hello...I didn't see you there 
  Hey everyone! This week was slower than the last couple. We didn't have as many lessons but this week is already looking great with all the lessons we have planned. Tuesday we went up to temple square. While we were on tracks, two people at almost the same time said they needed us. One lady had just got hit by a car and they drove off and she lost her purse but she asked us for help and I asked what she would like. She said a blessing at first but I explained that because it was so loud on the tracks it would be difficult for me to listen to the spirit exactly and also it was in public. So we offered a prayed. She still felt really good after the prayer. I wanted to stay and chat with her but the other lady needed our help. We went to her. She explained that she was getting really wierd promptings to stop going to church and she wasn't feeling real well. So I asked her two questions first. Have you read your  patriarchal blessing recently (she had) and have you asked for a blessing (she had received a couple) I continued to teach the blessing of going to church but then taught her the difference between prompting from the Holy Ghost and the satan. I pointed out that she was not feeling good at all and that that's how she would feel if satan was trying to lead her a certain way. I said many more things and I know I knew all that stuff but it just came out so perfectly through the Holy Ghost I really wouldn't have been able to teach quite like that :).                                                                     

Elder Cady and I are still getting along great. I feel like we are still learning from each other which is great. Elder Cady is always amazing with always testifying and being able to teach by the spirit at a moments notice.
We have a baptism this  Saturday. Jonathan! And on the 30th Candy is getting baptized! We picked up an investigator this week and extended a baptisimal date for August 6th but he fell off because he didn't go to church Sunday. When we meet with him this Wednesday we will extend the 13th. He will feel more comfortable with that anyway. On Sunday we got texted by a ward mission leader that a former investigator came to church on Sunday. We arrived after sacrament meeting and missed her but we asked a lady who knew her to set up a time we could meet with her. We might potentially pick up two new investigators. If he one who went to church meets with us this week, and the spirit doesnt say otherwise, we will invite her to be baptized on August 6th. We felt like we could find someone to be baptized every week this transfer and I've never felt that before and so we've been praying to find those ready to accept the blessings of the gospel in their lives and so far we've just been seeing cool miracles in answer to our prayers.
  The thing is..if we are praying to find someone who we can help come to the gospel and we truly seek and desire to help others, we will start to notice all these small opprotunities to do just that.
Heavenly father needs us. Don't you think if one of his children pray for an opprotunity to bring someone to his gospel that he would do it. If you find that opprotunity as you pray for it and actingly seek it, it is important for you to also recognize that your Heavenly Father has trusted you. This isnt' a normal trust situation either. This is simply the trust that comes from you keeping your baptisimal covanant and taking upon you Crists name. Always live worthy of that trust.

I love you all, have a wonderful week!
Elder Kremer

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