Monday, June 13, 2016

Misson XP - 13 June 2016

Something I've been working on in companionship study is talking slower. When we role-play I focus on talking slower so I can go by the spirit more and my mouth doesnt get too far ahead of my thoughts and feelings. It is a very important thing for me to learn. I have struggled with this off and on throughout my mission but I will overcome it with practice.
Elder Ray and I are still haveing a blast together! We get along pretty darn great.
This week...Awesome. Once again we saw the Lord's hand very obvious in
the work. Last week and the week before that we o.y.m'ed a kid. We talked to him then asked him if we could meet his family and share a message with them. He said yes and we asked him where he lived. He seemed a little unsure but pointed in a direction and said a certain apartment area. Elder Ray new the guy who lived in that
apartment he said it was some angry crazy guy they had talked to before so I thought the kid was just trying to get rid of us. I believe it was on Monday that we ran into the the Spanish Sister Missionaries. They told us about an o.y.m they just had with a black lady in our area. She sounded pretty golden or at least someone who would let us talk to them. They gave us an apartment number. We weren't able to stop by on Monday because we had so many appointments but we went by Tuesday. We knocked on the door a couple times and someone opened the door. She was not black. In fact she looked familiar but I was thrown off a bit because...well I was kind of expecting a black lady to open the door. The lady said come in, luckily we had another man with us because their wasn't a man in the home but a previous lesson had fallen through so we decided to go here instead. When we got in I realized it was the family that we had been o.y.ming on the street. We tlaked for a few minutes then we prayed and started teaching. We did 60 seconds of power and then after we taught and shared the first vision we did 60 seconds of reflection. During this time Elder Ray asked her what she had been feeling. Her experience couldn't have been any more perfect. She said she hadnt been having the best day, in fact, right before we had come over she was very mad and she had a big headache. However, as we were talking to her she started feeling better, happier, and her headache left her. Needless to say the spirit worked on her good. We extended the invitation to be baptized and at first she said she had already been baptized so we explained the priesthood and then reinvited and she said, "why not" and we said, "exactly" (how fun is that). Anyway great miracle.

Elder Kremer

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