Monday, March 7, 2016

Mission XP - 7 March 2016

So good! I'm only covering 12 Wards and 1 Branch (2 Stakes) again! We are going to the temple next week, so be prepared for emails on a different day. What did you do in the temple? What was your experience this time? This week was a roller coaster but there was lil a lot of great stuff. We had a Zone meeting with President Chambers and Sister Chambers and they talked about grit. I loved the grit training and some of the things that were said made me come up with new goals for myself. Elder Schunk and I are doing pretty good together. We are dong much better with (open your mouth and talking to people on the street) together. Elder Schunk is feeling more comfortable with asking questions and I've noticed that even with the simple O.Y.M.'s one of us will start and as we transition often times I don't know what to ask next or Elder Schunk doesn't, but the other always asks something which leads to a though or question or testimony that comes to my mid or his mind by the spirit. Without fail . . . mostly . . . until we don't know what to say at all and the guy has already walked away.:( but luckily that only happens most of the time . . . never mind.

The other night we were at member's house and they gave us a referral of a less active family. The husband was diagnosed with cancer and he just had an operation and they told us we should stop by.. The first miracle is that we stopped by within a minute of them giving us the referral and the people were home!!! The next miracle is that as we talked to the wife we asked if we could share a message and she said not at the moment because the husband was in bed resting but she said to stop by again. Then . . . wait for it . . . Elder Schunk asked if there was anything we could do to help out and she said not really but for whatever reason we pushed a little more than usual and she saw that we really wanted to help and so she said, "well actually their are some dried up tomato plants that my husband was going to get to but can't now." So we scheduled a time to come the next day. I liked that miracle. It's been re-emphasized to me in studies just how important doing how to being teaching correctly and in every lesson is. I always do it just not as good as I could so that's one of my goals tis week.

Love ya ma,
Elder Kremer

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