Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mission XP - 16 March 2016

It wasn't a super productive week but we were able to see miracles nontheless! We went on splits with two of the country crossing 8thward young men and one of thier fathers. We had originally planned to go out from 7-8 on thursday evening and while I was out with Adam we talked to a Young Women's President about a referal and we talked to two people on the street. But that's not the miracle, we met back at our house at 8 and Elder Schunk wasn't back yet so I called them twice and they didn't answer. So I thought they were in the lesson and Adam and I decided to go and try to share a message with Brian and Nikki. When we went to their apartment no one answered and of course we were disappointed because they are moving but as we got to the car we saw two people moving furniture. We offered to help them and at first they were hesitant and then they were like for real and then we started helping them move. After we finished helping them move we were in their apartment and they started asking us questions to get to know us and the way they face a questions made me realize they were members and so I asked if they were and if they were able to go to church recently. Their response was not since we moved here. So Adam and I shared her testimony at church and the importance of the sacrament and the atonement and through our discussion we asked if we could come back and share a message with them. They said yes and we also invited them to come to church and they said they would think about it. When we got home Elder Schunk in the whites (his split) we're waiting for us. When I asked if they had gotten into a home and shared a message they said no our car broke down so Brother White calls a mechanic in his neighborhood who was a nonmember to tow his car. As they road back to his house they shared your message with him and while they were out they were able to set up three appointments with less actives. The miracle and this is that because Brother Whites car broke down Adam and I were able to find the one that was ready to receive the message again and that wouldn't have happened if we had met back at eight. I know that God truly does know each one of us that he loves us and that he knows who is ready to come back to him and who can help them. I love how heavenly father can see so clearly who's ready, and the way he sees people's potential is helping me better see and focus on who people can become. Elder Schunk and I are doing great.

Love you,

Elder Kremer

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