Friday, April 22, 2016

Mission XP - 18 April 2016

🐒you are all like crazy monkeys🐒

This week was actually pretty good because of today. First I'm having a recent convert I taught email me how the Book of Mormon helped convert her. Is it ok if I get it in the middle of the week if I just send it to you ? Anyway, this week was trying as usual with not many people being home and some people saying no. But through all that tonight at dinner we ate with members who had two forgien exchange students living with them. One is Yeri Koo. She just moved from the Parkway Stake and I'm really excited because I was working with her a bit and I get to teach her again! And she loves the gospel and has been going to church! The other exchange student is going to participate in the lessons too but she doesn't understand much yet which is why its such a huge miracle that Yeri moved to this home. They are both from Korea so Yeri will be able to help teach too! 
Studies went well to I was reading a couple articles about the atonement and then I read over Elder Bednar's Praying and Acting talk aside from studying the revelation through the Book of Mormon study but I love learning more and more about the Atonement. I feel the more you learn even if you might not understand everything you read, the more you want to apply it and so I'm going to be leaving an article with everyone we meet.

Elder Kremer

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